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    Face recognition in PSE 11 not working

    Jean Gangolf



      Please forgive me if this is some kind of long, or the question has already been asked in the Forum. My search did not give me a real result.


      I am a complete novice in PSE Organizer.


      My configuration:PSE 11

      Windows 7 64 bit

      Everything up to date

      I imported my existing data’s  in the standard catalogue


      Face Detection "manually" performed.


      On the first day (program start) no success with it.


      The following day (new trial) this function was of (even very) good use.


      To improve the duration and clarity I only scanned a single folder (no album!). Important: while doing that, I noticed that in a tray at the bottom a "circle" has gone around. Later I found out that this is the creation of thumbnails. So for sure this "thumb-nailing" was not completed! But it worked...


      Yesterday I started the program at new. No possibility for a face recognition. So I startet completely at new, creating a new catalogue, and importing all data’s at new. Deleting the „old“ catalogue. Overnight then automatically create the miniaturization alone.


      This morning, same procedure: a single image selected (with enough easily recognizable faces), and start the face recognition. During a very brief moment, a small pop on the screen is visible, where I can see a progress bar filling up. But no faces suggested to set a name on it.


      Hope these infos are enough to get some hints


      Jean Gangolf


      PS. Please apologize if I braked all rules and posted this question 2 times: once in German and once in English.