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    Illegally Installing Chrome

    linksfiend2 Level 1

      ... and Google Toolbar.  Never asked for permission.  Almost positive this is illegal.  Defend thyself.

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          pwillener Level 8

          I didn't install anything on your computer; you did!


          And I cannot prevent you from not unchecking the clearly visible checkbox.


          Nor from not using the offline installers, which links are posted at least a dozen times here every day.

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            dmh165638 Level 1

            The latest Flashplayer update gives no options to opt out of Google Chrome or the Google IE Toolbar.  I have verified the process myself and there are zero checkboxes at any point in the update install.  So yes you can prevent someone from unchecking a box if you remove it completely.  I have had several hundred users report this.  This is a problem since Google Chrome is not allowed on our corporate devices. 

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              linksfiend2 Level 1

              I used your official installer and there are NOT any "clearly visible checkbox"es.  There are NO checkboxes at all.  Don't imply I am an idjit without doing your own due diligence first.  Clearly you did not investigate the installer. 

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                chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                Can you please check your browser history?  You should see two entries for get3.adobe.com around the time you did your install. 


                I'm very interested in finding a case where we don't give you the option to opt out of the third party installation.  If you feel like this occurred with you and are willing to do a desktop sharing session with me, please send email to ccampbel@adobe.com and I'll setup something at your convenience so we can walk through the update process.

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                  FlyingTiger777 Level 1

                  The same thing happened to me just now.....


                  In the evening of Sept 2, 2012 (UTC-7) Flash Player notified my Windows 7 laptop that it needed to update itself.

                  I clicked the "Download" button in the Adobe notification window.

                  This opened Internet Explorer 9 to an Adobe download web page.

                  There were no options to check or uncheck on this web page.

                  I clicked to proceed with the installation.

                  And the installation progress window showed installation progress for Adobe Flash Player and Google Chrome!

                  I have never ever ever installed Google Chrome, nor allowed it as a 3rd party installation to software that I am installing.

                  I do read EULAs and investigate option boxes carefully.

                  This is an Adobe installation problem. Please fix it ASAP. You should not be forcing products on your users, especially non-Adobe products.


                  Thank you.

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    FlyingTiger777 wrote:

                    There were no options to check or uncheck on this web page.

                    I wish somebody would actually post a screenshot of this.


                    I have intentionally left one of my machines on 11.3, so I could watch what exactly happens after the update notification.


                    This morning the notification was displayed, and I clicked download. It opened the default browser, and there was the standard download page, with an optional intall for McAfee Security Scan Plus:


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                      FlyingTiger777 Level 1

                      Thanks for posting.

                      That's not the Adobe installer box that I saw. There were no checkboxes on the installer diaglog box I saw, and it was longer. I'm not using Firefox, I'm using IE.

                      I didn't end up with any McAfee on my system....Google Chrome was installed.

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                        pwillener Level 8

                        What I posted was not the installer dialog, but the download page.

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                          FlyingTiger777 Level 1

                          Yes. That is not the same Adobe download page that I saw in my browser.

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                            Kogarashikaze Level 1

                            I don't have a screenshot of the download page as the update is already installed in my system, but I too had the "no checkboxes; toolbar installed anyway" problem.  The download page for the Google set (Chrome and toolbar) shows instructions for how to install and that's it.  No checkboxes.  There was no attempt to install McAfee, either, so I don't know where the download page you posted came from.


                            The installer itself popped up with a Run/Save/Cancel dialog at the bottom of the window (IE 9).  I clicked "Run," and the installer immediately started to install.  It didn't show an EULA, it didn't show any checkboxes, it didn't ask where on my computer I wanted to put things, it just started installing.  I already have Chrome, so that didn't try installing again, but I don't use any toolbars at all and was quite upset to see Adobe, a company I'd previously had no complaints with, putting it on my computer without permission.

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                              chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                              Here are the steps on reverting to Flash Player 11.3 and activating the update UI if you're interested in trying to reproduce this problem.  If you can reproduce it, I'm very interested in seeing it occur.  We should not be installing anything without your permission.


                              1. Uninstall Flash Player - http://download.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/support/uninstall_flash_player.exe

                              2. Download, extract and install the appropriate version of Flash Player 11.3 - http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/installers/archive/fp_11.3.300.271_archive. zip

                              Install for Internet Explorer - flashplayer11_3r300_271_winax.exe

                              Install for other browsers - flashplayer11_3r300_271_win.exe

                              3. Open your browser and navigate to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/.  Verify you have 11.3.300.271 installed.

                              4. Open a command prompt and navigate to

                              64bit systems - C:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash ("cd c:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash")

                              32bit systems - C:\windows\system32\macromed\flash ("cd c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash")

                              5. Depending on your browser, type the command without quotes:

                              Internet Explorer - "FlashUtil32_11_3_300_271_ActiveX.exe -update activex"

                              Other browsers - "FlashUtil32_11_3_300_271_Plugin.exe -update plugin"



                              You should see a dialog that looks like this:


                              9-4-2012 6-36-54 PM.png


                              Clicking Download should take you to a page that looks similar to this (it will differ a bit depending on the browser you are using):


                              9-4-2012 6-38-56 PM.png


                              From there, clicking Update now will start the download.

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                                pwillener Level 8

                                I would also be very interested in the URL of that page without the checkboxes.


                                P.S. the download page offers different products to different users, e.g. who already have Chrome or Google Toolbar installed.

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                                  Kogarashikaze Level 1

                                  I'm not entirely sure what changed this time, but I followed your instructions, and this time I was directed to the proper download page after clicking "Download" in the installer box, with checkbox for Google Toolbar and Chrome.  Unchecking those and clicking "Update Now," I was taken to the install page I'd seen the previous time:


                                  This is where clicking "Download" took me when I updated the first time.  As you can see, install directions, but no checkboxes.


                                  I do appreciate the prompt response and directions to attempt to replicate the issue.  I would guess that some updates are skipping the proper download page and going straight to here, and thus the end-users aren't getting the opportunity to uncheck the box.  I'm not sure what would cause that, but I do know for a fact that I never saw the proper download page.

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                                    chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                                    Thank you for trying those steps out.  I'm going to meet with team members that worked on this change (both server side and with the Flash Player UI) to see what could be happening here.  I'll let you know what I find out.




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                                      Luc4800 Level 1

                                      Yeah I think repro is not same. Using repro steps it didn't repro for me either.


                                      I'd say just honor the user settings at original install or at least keep the defaults.

                                      Why keep asking every few updates for Google Chrome again and default it to true?

                                      That's really annoying and not typical for updates.

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                                        chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                                        I'm worried that this steps might not be applicable too.  I tried them over 2000 times last night and could never get it to reproduce.  Having screenshots and browser history will definitely help here.

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                                          Kogarashikaze Level 1

                                          Unfortunately, my browser history doesn't show any entries from get3.adobe.com for either Tuesday (when Google Toolbar was installed without my permission) or Wednesday (when I tried to reproduce the problem).  I'm not sure why.

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                                            chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                                            @kogarashikaze - That's odd.  Do you see any mention of flashplayer in your log for that day?  Do you recall if your browser was launched before Flash Player was installed?

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                                              Kogarashikaze Level 1

                                              I think the update was installed the first time (with the toolbar) before I had a chance to open my browser, but I can't recall at this point.  As it is, the only Adobe entries in my browser history are the "About Flash" page, the page to set screen name for the forums, and then the forum pages themselves.  It could just be that, for some reason, IE9 didn't record the download page, or perhaps there's a more extensive history log I'm not seeing.  I honestly don't know.  I've tried finding a more extensive log but have had no luck.

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                                                Luc4800 Level 1

                                                Same here, nothing in browser log. But in my case I got the update request at the reboot so I know for sure the browser wasn't started (or any other program).


                                                Note it seems the update was already dowloaded locally to my disk and at reboot it just executed the update. When I clicked ok it immediately started installing.

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                                                  AdobeForcesGoogleOnUs Level 1

                                                  Not only does Adobe force Google Chrome, and Google Toolbar on you. But Adobe also hijacks your system and makes Chrome your default browser (all this without asking... doesn't even give the option)


                                                  Yes, this is illegal. This kind of hijacking/bullying should be stopped! Adobe doesn't respect the rights of its users.


                                                  P.S. Not only does Adobe Flash Player do this, but also if you install Adobe Reader it also does this. Obviously Adobe is using this illegal tactic in more than one of its downloadable applications.

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                                                    Kogarashikaze Level 1

                                                    If you'll note upthread, it's only some people who are getting hijacked like that, and apparently that's not how it's supposed to work.  As I said before, when I tried it a second time, I got the correct download page that let me actually opt out of the Google installs.  Also, Chrome being set as your default browser is part of the Chrome install itself, and you should bring up that gripe with Google.  That's something you should be able to opt out of as well.  While it's not my default browser, I do have Chrome on my computer as a secondary browser and I do recall having to tell it not to be my default browser back when I installed it.


                                                    Thing is, bundled toolbars and the like are nothing new.  Lots of installs nowadays have toolbars and such bundled in.  The complaint upthread is that some people's Flash Player installs were skipping the page that lets us opt out, which subsequently installs the extras by default.


                                                    As for Adobe not respecting the rights of its users, I think the very fact that Adobe staffers are participating in this discussion trying to help figure out what went wrong is showing a lot of respect.

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                                                      bobd91 Level 1

                                                      After booting I got the information that there was a new version of flash so I chose to install, the URL it loaded in my browser was




                                                      &os=Windows 7










                                                      Could that explain why it tried to install the Google stuff?


                                                      I editted the URL, removing everything after browser_dist=OEM, and it installed fine with no unwanted Google bits.

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                                                        jrumm39033 Level 1

                                                        Had exactly the same thing happen to me 20 minutes ago!  Windows updated when I restarted my laptop, and there was the red dialogue box offering to update Flash.  There were no boxes to uncheck.  I clicked to update, my browser opened, and took me to a page that, again, had no boxes to uncheck.  I was dumbfounded when the installation was underway, and I saw that Chrome was being installed.  It was the first mention I had seen of Chrome!

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                                                          Andy Bri Level 1

                                                          This is bad enough on a single person basis, but becomes a major issue for company IT support. I am constantly getting calls from people unable to open links in Outlook. This is happening because Adobe Flash updates are installing Google Chrome. and once Chrome is installed and uninstalled links in Outlook no longer work. To repair it you have to go into the registry and make several changes to fix it.


                                                          I have had at least 50 people tell me that they were not given an option to not install Chrome. Whether this is correct ot not I am not sure. Perhaps they are just not noticing the check box, but regardless it is costing a lot of time and company money.


                                                          Google has been informed of this issue long ago and has not fixed the problem with Chrome. Therefore Adobe needs to stop this shady practice of sneaking (hardly noticable check marks or not) Chrome onto peoples computers during software updates. I realize Adobe needs to make money to continue to support their software, but this is causing a lot of headaches for IT staff like myself.

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                                                            Luc4800 Level 1

                                                            I have 2 (IT) machines. One came preinstalled with Flash and in that case after reboot it 100% did not go to a web site. I'm 100% sure about that.


                                                            After it installed silently Chrome I noticed it also changed default .HTML registry key. See my earlier reply how to fix that again (in my case it broke also Visual Studio environment).


                                                            Maybe it's related to version or some other condition but regardless I think it's ridiculous to keep asking for Chrome for any bigger updates. How often do you have to say no?

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                                                              chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                                                              Please see this post for a video that describes the expected process when updating and it also includes screenshots to our Flash Player update dialog UI.




                                                              We'd like to know how you are being notified to update.  We've been unsuccessful in reproducing this problem and are curious if some other mechanism is causing an improper update to occur.


                                                              @andy bri - Check out the following post for details on how you can bypass these notifications in an enterprise environment.  http://forums.adobe.com/message/4643470#4643470

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                                                                stamba2nd Level 1

                                                                After booting up my PC, flash asked for update. Clicking 'Download' takes me to following link


                                                                https://get3.adobe.com/flashplayer/download/?installer=Flash_Player_11_for_Other_Browsers& os=Windows%207&browser_type=Opera&browser_dist=OEM&a=Google_Chrome_21.0_Opera_Browser&dual offer=false&type=au


                                                                There are NO checkboxes nor confirmation dialogs anywhere!


                                                                Fortunatly, flash has been installed before chrome has, so i just stopped installation of chrome.

                                                                Outrageous!  I don't want freaking chrome on my PC. I use Opera.


                                                                Because of what happened here,  I'm starting to appreciate Apple for not allowing Flash on it's devices. I'm thinking of doing the same with my PC's, considering HTML5 is here... Outrageous!

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                                                                  MvdC3 Level 1

                                                                  This is still happening.


                                                                  No options given just installs Google Toolbar and Chrome without asking.


                                                                  Most of the posters on this forum are tech savvy (they noticed the underhand install) and therefore know how to disable or uninstall these things.

                                                                  However the vast majority of people will just get another add-on, taking up screen real estate and confusing them - believe me I've worked in IT Support.


                                                                  Adobe protest that the install of Google Toolbar without any option is a software issue which they are unable to recreate.

                                                                  Well it's been four months now.  More than long enough to identify and rectify the issue.


                                                                  Flash Player should just quietly update itself without installing other sofware.

                                                                  This sort of stealthy installation annoys those that understand, confuses those that don't and damages the reputation of both Adobe and Google.

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                                                                    raford1 Level 1

                                                                    I performed the update and thought the install of the Google products was forced on me too.  I checked it out again, and you are correct, there is a checkbox.


                                                                    Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player - Windows Internet Explorer_2012-11-25_13-17-39.jpg

                                                                    If someone misses the checkbox the results are disasterous.  Google Chrome makes numerous changes to the registry that remain after an uninstall.  The changes were too numerous to find them all.  I had to perform a system restore to get things back the way they were.


                                                                    Adobe ought to make the choice more obvious, even to the extent of a popup window that grabs your attention.


                                                                    This made me so mad that I was ready to uninstall all Adobe products from all my computers.

                                                                    • 31. Re: Illegally Installing Chrome
                                                                      chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                                                                      I'm sorry about the Google uninstaller bug.  We've alerted the Chrome team and this should be fixed in a future version.  In the meantime, we've put together this help document to help people that run into this problem.




                                                                      I also understand your request about making this choice more obvious and I'll be sure to pass this along to the team.

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                                                                        johnwill1965 Level 1

                                                                        So after an entire thread of denials and calling us a bunch of idiots, NOW you admit that these illegal downlads ARE occurring. I tired this several times but stopped the download when I saw the google and google chrome BS came up. Adobe making millions off of selling these other software co's on the idea that it can slip in these illegal downloads and we're jsut supposed to suck it up and usrrender our computer to Adobe. Its all abou the money, and screw the users. The alternative to adobe.



                                                                        • 33. Re: Illegally Installing Chrome
                                                                          johnwill1965 Level 1

                                                                          bottom line what should ahve been a quicjk simple 10 min download obvisoulsy has as many p*ssed off as I am at hopw Adobe hijacks our computers. I expected this from swome software basement operation, but not from Adobe. But money talks, Adobe makes millions and we the people who have to use this crap suffer--as do our computers. There needs to be a ntionwide or worldwide software oversight committee that stops this shite. 

                                                                          • 34. Re: Illegally Installing Chrome
                                                                            johnwill1965 Level 1

                                                                            Oh wait--I see there IS a checkbox--big f-ing deal. Why even shove this down our throats, check box or not. I'd rather pay ten bucks for the software and be done with it, then have to worry about what other 'downloads' and 'freeware' are being sureptisiuosly installed by Adobe without telling us all the facts. But the link up with gooogle is about money--they prob make a few bucks every timne one of us idiots out here uploads google chrome through their website--and Adobe could give two shites about the dameage they do to our computers, the aggravation, time lost etc. As long as they get that filthy green we can all go f*ck out selves as far as they are concerned.



                                                                            • 36. Re: Illegally Installing Chrome
                                                                              raford1 Level 1

                                                                              Don’t beat around the bush John, tell us how you really feel about it?




                                                                              Can’t we just all get along?

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                                                                                12345Tom Level 1

                                                                                Our IT Department has identified this problem too.  Another user installed the flash update and it automatically installed Chrome and changed a lot of settings that our IT Department wasn't happy about that conflict with Outlook.  I thought that user left the checkbox checked.  A few days later, I encountered the same problem.  I have my update preferences set to notify me when updates are available.  I rebooted my computer and had the adobe update dialogue box with the notification and an 'update now?' option.  I selected yes, and I don't think it directed me to a webpage.  It just began the install, and when I saw it started to install Chrome, I hit the cancel install button to prevent the installation.  Today, I rebooted and got the notification screen and selected 'notify me later' to avoid the installation update.  I tried rebooting a couple additional times to see if I could get the update screen back, but I didn't.  (I don't know what triggers it again once I checked 'remind me later'.  Maybe its a set number of days, but doesn't seem to be based on a reboot).  If I can get a screenshot next time I will.  I am guessing that's what many people on here experienced - or maybe if they have their update settings to automatic, it may have just done the install.  If I go to 'check for updates' from the adobe icon in control panel, it directs me to the website with the 'install google chrome' checkbox. 


                                                                                I think to troubleshoot the issue, you have to see what happens with those options selected when the 'update is available' screen appears. 

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                                                                                  lemonskin2 Level 1

                                                                                  It's still happening, because it just happened to me. Well, it would have done, if I hadn't clicked on 'Cancel' in the nick of time. No option was given.


                                                                                  Windows Vista

                                                                                  IE 8

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                                                                                    lemonskin2 Level 1

                                                                                    I am confused as to why this question has been marked as "answered". (green icon).


                                                                                    It may have many replies, but no one has to date solved the problem, so, to my mind, it has not been answered.

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