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    Redirect URL Missing


      Trying to setup laptops for people to register at an Open House.  I want the form to clear once submitted and understand it is done through Redirect.  That does not show up in the options tab.  Ideas?

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          Could you describe what you do see in the Options tab? I'll describe a couple of scenarios that cause the "Redirect URL" panel to not be shown in the Options tab, perhaps one of them applies here:


          1. The form was authored by another FormsCentral user, and when the form was shared with your user account you were assigned the Reader role


          - if this is the case you would need to contact the author of the form and have them change your role to Co-author.


          2. The form was created by importing an existing PDF form


          - if this is the case you cannot use the redirect functionality, it is available only for HTML forms.




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            OldLeatherneck58 Level 1

            Ok. I imported a PDF form.  If I created the form in InDesign would that functionality be available?

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              Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



              No, the redirect functionality would only be available if you created a new form within FormsCentral and used an HTML form to collect responses. Did you consider this approach?


              If you need to use a PDF form to collect responses and you have access to a copy of Adobe Acrobat, it should be technically possible (but not something that we generally support) to modify the submission-enabled PDF created by FormsCentral to either:


              - add a button to allow the form filler to reset the form

                - modify the script associated with the Submit button on the form to reset the form after submission


              There is a limitation with the second option that you cannot wait to see if the submission was accepted by the server prior to clearing the form -- if the submission fails for some reason the user's data will be lost.


              Let me know if you have any additional questions.