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    Problems applying updates


      I'm still having this problem and the helpx link didn't do it--when trying to install the 6.0.2 update it still gives me the same error. This is not allowing me to update to camera raw 7.2 which is no good at all... any thoughts?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          The Extension Manager update should have no affect on installing the Camera RAW update unless they are both failing due to the same root cause.  Please try applying the updates directly from our product update page at http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/.  Also since this is an older thread you have responded to it should be noted that the Extension Manager 6.0.4 is the current update available.  Please try applying this update as opposed to the order 6.0.2 update.

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            briantetrault Level 1

            Thanks so much for the quick reply! The 6.0.4 direct download update didn't work either. This is still after deleting EM and reinstalling and then trying to update... I'm stumped...

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              I have branched this out to a new discussion.  Your next step would be to review the installation logs for the update to determine the cause of the failure.  You can find details on how to locate and interpret the log files at Troubleshoot with install logs | CS5, CS5.5, CS6 - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/troubleshoot-install-logs-cs5-cs5.html.


              I am curious have you modified your installation of Creative Suite 6 in anyway?  Have you perhaps removed the additional language files from your installation for example?

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                briantetrault Level 1

                Ok, so re: modifying my iCloud install -- I haven't done anything except a reinstall of a couple programs a little while back. I was having issues loading Media Converter (it wouldn't even open), so I uninstalled it and download After Effects to get the media converter back--that all checks out now and works fine. Another thing I notice that's odd is when I open the application manager certain things show as being installed and others don't, even when they are installed and working fine--like InDesign and Illustrator for example. I don't know if it's at all related. One other quick thing: the problems I'm having are on my MacPro tower, I also have a new mac laptop where I have not one these problems.


                Anyway, I've checked the logs--currently have 3 updates that fail out all with code: U44M1P7. The 3 updates are for: Media Encoder CS6 6.0.2, Camera Raw 7 7.2, and Extension Manager CS6 6.0.4. In each summary at the bottom of the log there are no fatal errors or warnings, just an error that's marked 'DW050' and each starting with 'The following payload errors were found during install:...'


                Does that help decipher at all? I'm almost wondering at this point if it may be better just to wipe all Adobe stuff off this machine and start with fresh installs from the application manager?


                Thanks for all your help and patience!

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                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                  Braintetrault can you please try running the Adobe Support Advisor - http://www.adobe.com/support/loganalyzer/ and run the Package for Support option.  This will upload your log files and give you a token number.  If you can then respond to this thread with your token number myself or another Adobe employee will be able to then view your log files.

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                    briantetrault Level 1

                    Here's the log # as a result of running the log analyzer: 40-31460-113403122012

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                      Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                      I am seeing a quite a list of permissions being denied to write to User/<UserName>/Library/ folder.  Please see the following example:


                      DW063: Command ARKDeleteDirectoryCommand failed.(Seq 1)

                      [       1] Mon Dec  3 10:38:27 2012 ERROR

                      DF037: Unable to delete directory "/Users/***/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects"(Seq 2)


                      This should give you a good example of what to look for in your log files.  You can find details on how to adjust the permissions at Error "Exit 6" or "Exit 7" | Install log | Read, write, system file errors | CS5, CS5.5 - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/error-exit-6-exit-7.html.