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    Newest Video Cards for use with both Premiere Pro CS6 and CS4


      Hi, I am currently using PPCS4 and just upgraded to PPCS6. On one system I'm running a GTX 285 and on the other Quadro 2000. Can you tell me which new graphics card in each catagory will be able to run both CS6 and CS4 as I have many programs still setup in CS4? I tried tech sipport with no answer from them. I looked over GTX 570 or 580 for one system and Quadro 4000 for the other but I still have reservations if there will be a problem or not with CS4. Can you help me. I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, both systems are running Intel core i7's, one with 24gb ram and the other with 16gb ram. Thanks