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        David_Welch Level 1


        Any updated timeline on when this will be available?




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          Adobe_ejs Level 2

          Hi David,


          We are still working on finalizing the agreement and I expect to make announcement in the next few days.   In the meantime we've been working with this partner to get LCCS setup in their environment.   They should be able to beta testing within a couple of weeks.



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            Adobe_ejs Level 2



            Please see my forum post on Influxis and the agreement they have reached with Adobe.



            Thank you for your patience.



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              Rex98757 Level 1

              Hi All,


              I have just readed great info about old LCCS/new ICS: http://ics.influxis.com/index.html



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                scharles415 Level 1

                Which particular features? I successfully migrated 3 clients to BigBlueButton and I am very happy with it. Send me private message, I may be able to help.

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                  philswe Level 1

                  The feature I am most interested in for my company is Remote Control and viewing.  Is that included in the new service?

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                    JamesInfluxis Level 1

                    HI philswe,


                    Our goal is to as seemlessly as possible to transitional all the features offer with LCCS to ICS. Including ScreenSharing, Remote Control, etc to our new influxis service. We working with the LCCS team to make this happen.  I hope this clears things up.



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                      adam+k Level 1

                      hey james, can you confirm that recording will also be transitioned to the new service?


                      great to see influxis doing the takeover, i had hoped it'd be you guys.

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                        JamesInfluxis Level 1

                        Adam,  It actually next our our list of feature testing so we can make sure it is correctly working as documented.

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                          adam+k Level 1

                          that's great news, thanks james.


                          how soon can i submit a support ticket for this feature?  i realize you must have an overwhelming amount of testing to do right now, but since you're about to test recording, perhaps i can put this on your radar (informally).


                          it seems that the audio and video streams are recorded separately and played back individually.  during the playback of a recording the video stream starts playback as soon as the stream is buffered, and so does the audio stream.


                          however, they often reach a ready buffer state at different times.  this has the effect of de-synching the audio and video playback.  hopefully you can create a mechanism that ensures an audio/video stream pair commence playback at the same time to ensure a/v sync.




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                            JamesInfluxis Level 1



                            I add it to our list to investigate. Currently we focused on getting LCCS working as it has done previously before we address any protential improvements. Thanks for the heads up..



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                              adam+k Level 1

                              thanks james, i understand that your priority will first be to complete the transition of LCCS to Influxis, but thanks for taking my issue into early consideration.




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                                JamesInfluxis Level 1

                                We are simply wanting ICS to be a success so can improve the service so all suggestions and possible improvements are very much welcome. So please let us know if there is something can be improved so that we can investigate. PS: Adam thanks for the feedback and suggestions.



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                                  JamesInfluxis Level 1

                                  Hi Adam,


                                  Been speaking to the team here and we have added it to our improvement list. It currently right near the top. This is something we likely look at finding if there is a solution to address this. We likely look at it once we have launched so likely be late december or early january at the earliest realisticly. But if you can provide me with a sample application which hightlight's this issue, so we can debug the issue this would help speed things up. If you can help then please drop me an email at james.jackson@influxis.com that would be great.



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                                    Hi James and Adam,


                                    Here's the best recorder/playback I've found so far, I put it on my video conferencing app:



                                    Hit Proceed to go past the splash page.


                                    The recording app. is a little too complicated to be completely ready for prime time, but it works great and if you're planning to develope a recording app. I thought you would appreciate knowing about this one.


                                    Glad Influxis is chosen to move ahead with LCCS, when will we find out about the cost structure?



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                                      JamesInfluxis Level 1

                                      Hi Gary,


                                      Well once I have details of the cost structure I post a new disscussion about them. I see what I can do to get hold of them as soon as possible.



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                                        BARRYC16 Level 1

                                        Hi James,

                                        I talked to Wes a few weeks ago about the possibility of Influxis having a pricing option that was similar to LCCS pricing... based more on usage rather than max number of connections.


                                        Some consumer applications like mine, have very low predicatability and a high degree of variance around max simultaneous connections. Are you guys considering including a pricing option that would help us out? I would also be interested to hear if there are other products built on LCCS that have the same concern. I would think that most consumer facing/social products would be in the same boat as we are.




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                                          JamesInfluxis Level 1

                                          Hi Barry,


                                          I spoken to the team and we are considering additional and more flexible pricing options. Which we may be providing in the new year. We will post updates on the forums and ICS website as the pricing evolves.



                                          • 98. Re: LCCS Alternatives

                                            Hi James,

                                            First off -- thanks so much for taking the lead on the LCCS transition. Second, I'd like to echo Barry's suggestion on the pricing side so I'm glad to hear that your team is looking into a more flexible structure!



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                                              JamesInfluxis Level 1

                                              Hi Josh,


                                              The whole of Influxis is excited about being able to continue the LCCS service no more than myself, wesley, richard and jerry and as as soon as I have any news on alternative pricing I will let you know. I can't promise anything at the moment, but we are having regular active discussions concerning it.


                                              If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact.





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                                                asofiacaib Level 1

                                                It would be amazing if you could be able to continue developers  free $15 option, we'll be very gratefull in Venezuela. I'm developing an app for my university and they're very interested to purchase but I need to finish my project.

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                                                  sebpatu2000 Level 1

                                                  Hi i'd also like to point out that our application can also have high pick of concurrent connections (several hundreds), and if the pricing changes to a high price only because of number of concurrent connections, it will totally break our business model based on LCCS pricings which did not took it in account like this.

                                                  And when you have several users connected only to watch a video live streamed threw LCCS, you will be charged twice for every new visitor: once for the new connection, and a second time for the bandwidth consumed.


                                                  I don't mind to pay 25 $ at start instead of the free 15 $ but the way pricing are getting higher is crucial to not kill business models. It seems to be ok for bandwidth, but the concurrent connections would be a killer thing for us.


                                                  Thanks in advance, to take this type of usecase in account.

                                                  And thanks for taking great LCCS back in life.

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