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    Any way to redefine button areas?



      I have been working on a project for quite some time where the text of a video will appear in the lower right corner when a button is highlighted and will change for each video. The problem I am encountering is that because the text is grouped within the highlight layer the button becomes quite large and each one overlaps the other because the text is always in the corner. My question being,is there a way to seperate one of the layers from the highlight so it resides outside of the clickable area? Or a way to redraw the button boundary entirely.


      Thank you all in advance

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The answer is "no."


          One way around that is scripting. But Encore doesn't do scripting.


          The way to do this in Encore, to use "autoactivate" on a button in your menu, and to go to a different menu that has the text for that button.  You create multiple menus, one for each text option. The user sees it as one menu.


          Be aware that mouseover won't autoactivate, so this option doesn't work on a  computer the way you'd like.

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