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    Type Baseline Problem

    Garrett Brzozowski

      Reference image below.


      I need to get a number to sit on the baseline in a line of text but it automatically sits below the baseline. Is there a term for this? And how do I got about fixing it?





      Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 2.58.28 PM.png

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          Jacob Bugge ACP/MVPs



          Your font seems to have Old Style Figures (where 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9, extend down below the baseline, and where 6 and 8 extend above the x height). In that case it is perfectly normal.


          To force it up, the exact way depends on the application, but basically it is to set a customized baseline shift for your 3. With terms from Illustrator, working with live Type, you may use the Type Tool and:


          1) Use Shift + an arrow key or drag to select 3 and nothing else;

          2) In the Character palette/panel insert a Baseline Shift value that brings it up as desired (you may try different values until you are there); you may need to click the right arrow and tick Show Options to see the baseline Shift option.

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            Garrett Brzozowski Community Member

            Oh ok awesome. Well i am using Photoshop at the moment but if you know how to fix that in InDesign that would be awesome. Thanks.

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              Jacob Bugge ACP/MVPs



              You can do it in (almost) exactly the same way in Photoshop, and in InDesign.


              In the Index in the Helpfile you can find it under Baseline Shift.

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                OldBob1957 Community Member

                Just another possibility to keep in mind; depending on the font, there might be non-old-style numbers in the glyph set that you could use instead. I don't know how to get there in PhotoShop, but...


                In InDesign, got to; Type > Glyphs to bring up the glyphs panel.


                In Illustrator, its; Window > Type > Glyphs.