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    Imported video is shortened by AE


      I know I'm doing something incredibly ignorant, but in my attempt to totally abandon Apple video production software for the Adobe suite, I've encountered an unusual problem.  I have exported a video clip from Final Cut Pro 7 as a .mov file, matching all the comp parameters of my comp in AE (DVCPro HD 720, 29.97, etc.).  The clip is 28 seconds long, but when I import it into AE, it is trimmed to just over 18 seconds for some reason.  I cannot seem to lengthen it no matter what I try.  The length of the AE comp is 2min15sec, so there is plenty of room.  I experimented with an .h264 video that was over 2 minutes, and that imported just fine.


      So, what am I overlooking?  Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance for advice.


      BTW...the QuickTime file, prior to AE import, is the correct length of 28 seconds.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Does the layer based on this footage item play the entire movie sped up, or does it play only part of it, but truncated?


          I'm guessing that it's the former, and you've got your footage interpretation settings wrong.  


          Screenshots help, as does answering all of the questions here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/961743

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            Cole1881 Level 1

            thanks for the reply, Todd.


            I've compared the video clip, and the shortened import is definitly truncated at 18:08--that is, nearly 10 seconds is just chopped off the end.


            I'm not sure what to post a screenshot of, since I don't know what is making this an issue.  Suggestions?


            (AE CS6 Creative Cloud; Mac OSX 10.6.8; DVCPro HD 720 60p as .mov; etc., etc.)  No error messages or corruption/distortion of the video clip other than shortening it by that odd amount.  It's not even 1/2, which I thought might account for the fps difference.


            Experimenting, I exported the same clip with plain vanilla DV/DVCPro NTSC codec, and when I import THAT clip to AE, it comes out to the correct length of 28 seconds.  Fancy that.  I'll just live with that, but I am still curious as to why AE decided to cut off the last 10 seconds when the codec is DVCPro HD.


            Thanks again for the assistance.  I am, admittedly, quite a noob with AE.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Does it just happen with this one clip?  


              Does the clip play to its full duration in QuickTime Player? In Premiere Pro?


              If you submit a bug report here and say that you're willing to send the problematic clip, one of my coworkers will (eventually) get back to you about getting the clip and investigating to see if it's a bug: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish

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                Cole1881 Level 1

                Someone suggested to me to just create a new comp with the clip (using the drag method to the new comp icon), rather than add it to the existing comp, and it seems to work out fine length-wise.  So, I just copied all my existing layers into that one and started over.  Not sure if it was a bug or not, but I'm moving on.  Thanks for the help.


                For interested parties, though, I'll answer your questions:


                I did try similar clips, and none of them had the same issue as this one.


                The clip in question does play full length in QT player.  Didn't try Premiere Pro.