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    I am unable to see the Photoshop 13.1 and Illustrator 16.2 update

    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

      I have started this thread for users who are facing difficulty locating the Photoshop 13.1 and Illustrator 16.2 update.  Please begin by going to Help>Deactivate and then close and reopen Photoshop.  When you reopen please choose the License this Software option and enter the Adobe ID tied to your subscription.  If you are asked for a serial number please contact our support team to verify your subscription status. 


      You can find additional details and troubleshooting steps to perform at Updates not available for Creative Cloud products - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/updates-available-creative-cloud-products.html.


      If you continue to face difficulties please respond to this thread with the operating system you are using and which updates you are unable to locate.

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