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    Subscription Issues with Apple

    joekidd191919 Level 1


      Recently updated my app so that it can view V.24 folios. I just updated that part and didn't change anything else. I submitted it to Apple and it was rejected for the following reason:


      User is unable to sign up for Free Subscription. When the user taps "Subscribe" button, an activity indicator spins on the top of the screen with a text stating "Purchasing subscription...". However, after approximately 30-40 seconds later, an activity indicator disappears and no further action occurs.


      Any ideas on what I need to do?





      EDIT: Ok so I went through the App Builder again and noticed that under the "Free Subscription Product ID" I had put in the number for the Apple ID. I changed it to the "Product ID" under the free subscription in my in-app purchase. I'm guessing this will fix the problem?