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    Wrong topics listed in "Used in Topics" for snippets and snippets report

    DMilkes Level 1

      Using RoboHelp 10, I have 60 snippets in a project. For some of these snippets, when I look at the list of topics using that snippet (either by right-clicking the snippet in the Snippets pod and selecting Properties > Used In; right-clicking in the snippet edit window and selecting Topic Properties > Used In; or in the Snippets report), some of those topics do not actually use the snippet. Of course I verify this by searching in the HTML code of the misreferenced topics to be thorough. This even happens when in fact no topics are referencing it, and the snippet name is bold in the pod indicating so!


      I closed and re-opened the project, thinking there was some kind of synching issue, but that didn't fix it. Has anyone else seen this?