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    Dropped characters using text tool.

    tlmurray23 Level 1

      Occasionally, when I type a string using the text line tool, Frame will drop a chacter when the screen is refreshed. Most of the time it is the first character, such as it will change "Callout" to "allout"; less often it is somewhere else. If the string is only one character, the grab handles are there where the character should be. If it's a longer string and the first character is dropped, the left-end grab handles are adjacent to the first visible character, giving the appearance there never was that first character. I forgot what happens if it drops a character in the middle.


      If the text string is a single character, it disappears but its grab handles are there.


      It happens sometimes on a Control+l refresh, or sometimes when I move the string's position with the mouse.


      I'm using Windows XP and Win 7 in Parallels, everything with latest patches. The font is Myriad Pro Semicondensed (Adobe's OTF).  I tried different fonts but it happens so rarely that I can't really tell if the font was the fix or if it simply didn't show up. Problem is that the font specs are called out by the customer.



      Anyone see this?