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    Is constant crashing par for the course?

    Thistledowne Level 1
      I'm not certain how to word my question except to state that when I run the software I'm developing in the flash player it runs fine. When I set it up to run in AIR and import flash.filesystem.*; and then call browseForDirectory("Str"); or similar then it's a pretty good bet that the AIR player will crash a couple of times before working with no errors. All trace statements are commented out and I delete ASO files each time.

      I'm a bit worried that I recommended this technology, we're pretty far in, and stability seems to be something I won't be able to guarantee. Perhaps when I'm generating the Air files, if I get a 'good compile' without a crash then that program can be distributed and run with stability, but I don't really have an understanding as to why it's crashing and why I should trust that it will be stable. I'm rather nervous.

      Any suggestions?


      I believe it is the debug manager that is crashing, and that's partially why I'm hoping that I can rely on the eventual program to be stable. I may or may not be correct in thinking that I have better success going Control=>Delete ASO Files and Test Movie with the mouse instead of using the alt-ctrl-shift-enter keyboard I set up in the my Flash preferences (nice feature that Adobe. Kudos) I may be imagining the better results.

      I pulled all the Air calls out of my program back a long time ago when it was much less complex so I could develop w/o the constant crashing (and so I could have the use of my trace statements w/o having to run in the debugger and having the debugger crashing constantly) w/o constantly having to close AIR and clear my compiler errors each time I wanted to test changes. This was while AIR was still Beta but looking promising. Now the program is much more complex and AIR is no longer beta (and yes I cleaned the machine hard between beta and release and created new FLAs to use my classes). Adding back in just a simple file I/O call creates this behavior.

      I'm believing that it would not matter what type of AIR functionality I would choose to add/use. I believe it is the very fact that I'm running my program in AIR. When all the parts are running in the Flash player (all Air references commented out), things are stable. When running in AIR, nothing's stable.