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    Flash Player 11.5 r502 has stopped working


      When Firefox 17.01 loads any web page with flash content, or I attempt to view flash video, I get the message


      Adobe Flash Player 11.5 r502 has stopped working


      A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


      Windows (Vista SP2 Bld6002) offers to close the program, and is sometimes successful, but frequently Firefox just hangs up as it tries to open video after video and fails. This was true for both FP 11.5.502.110 and 11.5.502.135. As a temporary measure I installed the "Disable Flash" extension from the Firefox add-on gallery. Very helpful in buying time while I tried to find a solution. So nice, in fact, that I'm keeping it.


      I uninstalled FP (11.5.502.135.) and down-graded to, which has solved the problem in the same way the same downgrade solved a similar issue with FP11.3 last spring. As another user has commented, "this is not an ideal situation." OTOH, I've been running on my desktop since the June downgrade without any problem, so I may just keep FP11.2 on the laptop, too.


      I gather that Adobe has not fixed the issue yet, since I see FP11.5.502.135 still being offered as the current version. Here is the laptop's MSinfo summary. I can email a full msinfo if it will help you find the problem.


      Firefox 17.01

      Flash Player 11.5.502.110 and 11.5.502.135

      Error Message:


      Adobe Flash Player 11.5 r502 has stopped working


      A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.





      12/31/12 21:04:54


      OS Name

      Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium



      6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002


      Other OS Description

      Not Available


      OS Manufacturer

      Microsoft Corporation


      System Name



      System Manufacturer

      Dell Inc.


      System Model

      Inspiron 1721


      System Type

      X86-based PC



      AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58, 1900 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)


      BIOS Version/Date

      Dell Inc. A05, 11/5/2007

      SMBIOS Version



      Windows Directory



      System Directory



      Boot Device




      United States


      Hardware Abstraction Layer

      Version = "6.0.6002.18005"



      User Name



      Time Zone

      Pacific Standard Time


      Installed Physical Memory (RAM)

      2.00 GB


      Total Physical Memory

      1.87 GB


      Available Physical Memory

      585 MB

      Total Virtual Memory

      3.99 GB


      Available Virtual Memory

      2.43 GB


      Page File Space

      2.17 GB


      Page File





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          Did you get any information to solve this yet?  My computer is doing the same.

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            BajadaAkchin Level 1

            Nope, no reply, but I really don’t expect much over the holiday.


            I was poking around in Event Viewer in my Vista laptop and found that FP11.5.502.110 was faulting (eventID1000),  crashed (evetnID1001), Firefox hung (event ID1001), then “firefox.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed” (eventid 1002). These quartets continued anytime I tried a Flashy page or tried to run a Flash video.  There were also lots of Firefox crash reports during that time, naming FP11.5.502.110.


            Those symptom disappeared with FP11.5.502.135, replaced by those never-ending monologue boxes telling me that “Flash Player has stopped working” every time Firefox tried to load Flash content. Firefox, however, did not lock up –it was just inaccessible while I tried to catch up with those annoying monologues. The Event Viewer showed duets of  “FlashPlayerPlugin_11_5_502_135.exe, version 11.5.502.135, time stamp 0x50b849af, faulting module GIDHook.dll, version” (eventID1000), followed by an APPCRASH (eventid 1001). Firefox also had a lot of crash reports naming FP11.5.502.135, but Firefox itself never crashed.


            All that ended when I downgraded to, which I happened to have lying around. Works fine, although Firefox addons warns me that I lack necessary protection against whatever because I'm running a downgrade. Tradeoffs. Guess I'll have to trust Norton.


            I’m not going to experiment with my desktop, but I found that my Toshiba netbook (Windows 7 Starter SP1, current updates, Flash Player 11.5.502.110) is very slow loading pages with flash content, slow to respond to the “play” button, but no crashes relating to FF or FP in either Event Viewer or Firefox crash reports.


            Upgrading netbook to FP11.5.502.135. Pages with flash content load faster, as do flash videos. Much better, No crashes, no monolgue boxes, no complaints. Maybe that's what 135 was for. Too bad it didn't fix the Flash Player crashes.


            I found the post from Overall_Genossenschaft (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1109389?tstart=0 post20) interesting. The netbook  fits the profile of Overall’s Work Station1 which has no issues with 110 and 135. Neither does my netbook. (Except I can’t find “Flashutil_11_5_502_110_ActiveX.dll”.  I should have looked before the upgrade.)


            Somebody earlier siggested that Adobe's array ofg test machines is too vanilla. Overall's findings suggest that may be true.I stand ready to send in any report they want. All they need to do is ask.


            I hope Adobe finds the problem soon. Good luck in your own search, sarahg.


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              BajadaAkchin Level 1

              If anyone from Adobe is reading this, I found that the only release since last May that works for me (Vista SP2, Firefox 17.01) is Flash Player11.2.202.235. I have tried 11.3.300.262, 11.3.300.273, 11.4.402.287, 11.5.502.110 and 11.5.502.135. Even FP11.6.602.108_BETA exhibits the same "Adobe Flash Player has stopped working..." syndrome. (All clean installs, of course.)

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                BajadaAkchin, Thank you for posting this information.  I have been having the exact same problem  using Firefox and Chrome browers and I will do as you have suggested.  Will come back to post if it solves my problem as well.

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                  MrX1980 Level 3

                  Hello, sometimes an antivirus programm (AV) can cause crashes. Try it again with AV disabled please.

                  Else are your drivers and DirectX up to date (very important) ?

                  Do you have tried to disable Flash Player Protected Mode (since 11.3) ? (that would explain why it is working with Flash Player 11.2)

                  Do you have tried to disable Hardware Acceleration (Flash Player or/and Firefox) ?

                  Do you have tried to disable all other extensions and plugins in Firefox ?

                  Do you have tried to use the Firefox safe mode ?


                  dxdiag.txt and about:crashes could be helpfull.

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                    BajadaAkchin Level 1

                    Thank you for trying, MrX, but I read the troubleshooting tips in this discussion and tried all those things and more before posting. The only things that "work" are not acceptable. Here are the results:

                    • Drivers current, DirectX current. Firefox and Vista current.
                    • dxdiag reports no problems.
                    • Disabling Norton Antivirus does not help, nor does disabling add-ons and extensions and hardware acceleration.
                    • Windows Safe Mode "works," and disabling Flash Player Protected Mode "works" but neither of these are acceptable. (What kind of protections does Flash Player offer without it's sandbox? -no one from Adobe has responded to that question yet.)


                    What DID work was disabling the Flash Player crash reporter. In Firefox 17.01, this is done in about:config through setting "dom.ipc.plugins.flash.subprocess.crashreporter.enabled" to "false".  (This work-around is not my own –it has been around in one form or another for at least 3 years – just stumbled on it though Google.) Strangely enough, Flash Player plays and, if it "stops working" as the dialog suggests, starts working again seamlessly. I do not know whether this affects the sandbox, but have found no indication that FP sandbox functionality is affected or security compromised. That's another question for Adobe developers.


                      I’ll post this possible work-around in another thread.

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                      Hello, I'm in the same situation as you, I've tried everything but seems an internal error from Adobe that they need to patch.
                      can you please post the link from your new thread when it be ready?


                      I'm having this error on Google Chrome and every time i play an HD video on my Computer, my computer crashes, I already ensure that all my drivers be up to date, so wierd.
                      I'm running Windows XP 32.


                      I will gather more info. too for help Adobe fix this, thanks in advance.

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                        chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                        @BajadaAkchin - Thanks for trying all of the steps that MrX suggested.  Given that disabling protected mode "works" and 11.2 is also fine, my guess is that you are running into a protected mode conflict.  You are correct that we don't recommend disabling protected mode as a permanent solution. 


                        It's odd that disabling error reporting reduces the problem.  I'll ask the team if they are aware of this connection.  Unfortunately, without the crash logs we're just taking wild guesses when applying fixes.  Even with them, it's always best if we had reproducible cases that we can step through when debugging.


                        I know you mentioned you tried 11.6, but we released another build yesterday that you might want to try out.


                        If you still encounter problems, our current recommendation is to roll back to the latest 10.3 release which contains all of the latest security updates.  You can find instructions for doing this here:


                        How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player?


                        Where can I find direct downloads of Flash Player 10.3 for Windows or Macintosh?

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                          BajadaAkchin Level 1

                          @Chris-- I can make it crash any time (when I have the time). If you want logs, tell me which ones and I'll crash and send them to you. Would you want the Event Manager logs too?


                          What am I losing by disabling error reporting? Is security less? Are there security problems? (I don't expect you to tell me what they might be, just hows security with 10.3 (pre-sandbox) compares with 11.5  without error reporting. That's something I'd like to know before retreating to 10.3.


                          @eomar500-- "the other thread" is Possible Work-around: Flash Player 11.5 stops working on Firefox 17. It says pretty much the same as here. I just didn't want a possible work-around to get buried. I don't know whether Chrome has a setting to disable FP reporting. If you find one, you might post it -other Chromates have your p[roblem and might benefit.


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                            I am having the same sort of issue, I have done a full unistall of flash using http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/uninstall-flash-player-windows.html


                            exact window says:


                            adobe flash player 11.5r502 has stopped working


                            windows is checking for a solution to the problem




                            I have uninstalled and reinstalled firefox 18 even deleted all my settings and started a fresh but still get a window flashing up whenever i load a adobe page or adobe flash eneabled page saying the flash player has crashed. It flashes up then disappearsa automatically any number of times i have the option to cancel but it still shows the further two times. Please can you advise how to fix this?

                            I have the latest version of flash 11.5 r502.


                            The one I installed was install_flashplayer11x32_mssd_aih.exe


                            I have windows 7 64 bit



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                              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                              @BajadaAkchin - No security issues with disabling error reporting, we just won't get the error logs that your system generates.  I believe they are still present, just not submitted.  Here's a Mozilla doc that describes how this works.




                              @Ghost-Mjr - Have you tried temporarily disabling protected mode or crash reporting to see if that makes a difference?


                              How do I troubleshoot Flash Player's protected mode for Firefox?