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    How To Copy Protect PDF files?

    Talat-At-Dareechah2 Level 1

      January 3rd 2013.

      Dear Adobe Experts:

      I purchased Adobe Acrobat X Standard recently and used it to try and copy-protect my first e-book which I had authored as a pdf file. I followed the options available under Protection in Adobe Acrobat X Standard, opting to encrypt the pdf file and to add a second password for permissions (Restrict Editing and Printing) where I did NOT select or click the box which allows for content copying. When the pdf file was saved with these enhanced security parameters and opened in my Kindle e-reader, it asked for a password before it could be viewed. However, the file itslef could be copied freely and this is a big problem for me.

           Please let me know which Adobe software to buy which will allow me to author a pdf which cannot be copied (it should only be able to be cut and pasted from one destination to another, never copied and pasted). I need to author such a copy-protected pdf file in order to offer my ebook for sale.

      I look forward to getting your advice. Thanks.  Talat Afroze, Toronto.