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    problems with registration golive 9




      I got a new harddrive, installed everything new, new system (macos 10.8.2), all adobe software (CS5/5.5.) and golive 9, because I still have projects created with this software. (For new projects I use dreamweaver, also when I am yet not  so happy with it). After installing, I couldn't registrate the software (and I wasn't  asked for the license key).

      The message says, that no connection could be established to Adobe. So I choose "later". Afer some days, the software did not work any more.  It did not start up because of licensing problems. I made a new installation, change the rights of the flexnet-Folder (found this tip  in the internet). Then it started, I can use it in the moment, but still, registration is not possible, this time I choose not to register the software. What can I do to have the possibility to work some more time with the software.


      Best regards