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    Stuck parsing an InDesign document, extracting data to an XML file




      I have an indesign document of a newspaper page (1 spread + 1 page) with some articles (title, body, img, img caption) and ads (img). I need to parse this and create an XML file from which data can be stored into a mysql db. The db handling is already programmed.


      The xml file will have this structure (page = root):




                <content>Lorem ipsum</content>

                <img title=""></img>



                <img title=""></img>




      The .indd file is created using the Smart Layout plugin from WoodWing software. When trying to print the "TextFrames>Texts>contents" the textframes that use the smart layout plugin do not show, they seem to be not included in the data model of the app. That's why I went another route, and parsed "Stories>Texts>contents". I can get all the text objects of the page, including the articles that are created using the smart layout plugin. Among these objects are article title's and article bodies. The problem is I don't know which title belongs to which body, so I can't create a new article node in the XML. I have exported the orignal file as IDML and browsed the spread and the stories, but I see no way to link article titles (textframe), article bodies (textframe) and images (contained by rectangles) together.


      Is there a way to solve this?



      InDesign CS4 .indd documents

      Win2k8 server

      JavaScript (via ExtendScript toolkit)

      InDesignServer CS5.5 (64bit) (want to use this)

      SmartLayout plugin (installs @ InDesignServer CS5.5 32bit. This 32bit InDServer does not start, it has missing dll's).