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    How to close (not hide) an youtube movie in Edge?


      Hi there,


      Let me quickly introduce myself, i'm a student at higschool studying New Media and Communication Technology.


      We have got a project running, wich is making an interactive website in adobe Edge... Not that quite easy if you ask me, because Edge was actually made to build banners etc.


      My Problem


      I'm trying to implement Youtube movies in my website to make it more interactive. The youtube movie is shown when i click a button.


      My problem is that i can't find a way to close my youtube movie again... I do can hide it, but than the sound just keeps playing.


      On my stage a have the following:


      Content_Save (Symbol) --> Content_Down (Symbol) --> divYoutube (element)


      i do as follow by clicking a button but it doesnt work =



      var youtube = Symbol.get($('#Stage')).getSymbol("Content_Save").getSymbol("Save_Down").createChildSymbo l("Save_Youtube","divYoutube");




      Can someone help me so i can play en stop youtube videos into an html file generated by edge?


      Thanks in advance!!