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    How to refer to a Label on the Stage from within a Symbol


      Hi Edgefriends,


      I'm working on a project in Edge Animate, however I have about zero experience with JavaScript and I can't seem to get this working without it so I hope someone can help me to get this done.



      Below you see the code I need help with. It's part of a Symbol situated on the Stage. What I need it to do is to play from a Label ('subFontsTitels') situated on the Stage-level. I've tried a lot of posibilities but with no (satisfying) results. Could you please help me?



      Part of the code:



      Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "${_Button}", "click", function(sym, e) {

      // play the timeline from the given position (ms or label)


      // insert code for mouse click here



      //Edge binding end