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    Debug Mode Frame Server Problem

    Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      If I start a new project and sequence I can go to 'export media' and the export box comes up. I can choose Frame Server and all is fine. If I quit the frame server export before it has finished and then try to open the 'export ' again  box nothing happens, no export box. The only way I can then do any export is using AME but this does not use Cuda for the effects, (my 70 min HD2SD export is taking 22 hours).

      Restarting Premiere, Rebooting the PC, Starting a new project and importing the sequence, Copying the clips to a new sequence, none of these will restore the export box.

      If I start a new project from scratch all is fine again, If I open a previous project that has not had an aborted frame serve export all is fine.


      Anyone else had a problem like this?



      Win 7

      i7 cpu

      24 Gb ram

      BMD decklink


      Richard Knight