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    FW CS5 - Severe Color Sample Issue

    Joey D



      I know there is another thread on color variations when using the color sampler but I am having a severe issue with sampling colors. No matter what I color sample the color it gives back is way off. An example would be purple comes back as a light gray. To better illustrate, I have created a quick video that shows how bad/frustrating it is.



      Here are my specs and what I have done so far...



      MacBook Pro Retina (15")

      Mac OSX Mountain Lion  - 10.8.2

      Adobe Fireworks CS5 - (11.2)


      What I have tried.

      Snap to web safe is NOT checked.

      Delete preferences (http://helpx.adobe.com/fireworks/kb/restore-preferences-fireworks-cs5.html)



      Still no luck. This doe not seem to be a common issue but I am wondering if this is an issue with CS5 and MacBook Pro Retina. Any thoughts on resolving?


      Any help greatly appreciated. : )