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    Advice on animating lots of small movie clips

    Level 7

      I have a performance problem that may be best demonstrated with an example.


      If you look at the animation and watch it for a while you will see the
      number of balls growing.
      Initially the performance is so-so but eventually it becomes totally
      unacceptable. So I was wondering if anyone could impart advice about any
      Every tile is a movie clip and every ball is a movie clip that tweens from
      one tile to the next. I also need to read the frame the clips are on but
      when I bound a class to the balls clip it immediatly ran unacceptably slow.

      I have a plan B which involves creating tile animations of each of the ball
      animations, which I know would create a huge performance gain but would mean
      creating 510 tile animations and thus make the animations unmaintainable.