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    New paragraph in number list

    james_dean1986 Level 1

      I have just been working on a document with a lot of multilevel numbered lists and came came across an irritaing problem which I hope there is a simple solution to.


      Some of the sections have more than one paragraph. If I hit return it creates a new paragraph with a number. If I use the a forced line break I do not get the correct spacing after/before the paragraph.


      The example I have attached, I ended up removing the numbering and indenting the paragraph to the same level, but when you have to do it more than once it become a pain.


      I suspect there is an easier way to do multiple paragraphs under one number or bullet.... I hope!

      Same number new para.jpg

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          Jump_Over Level 5



          You could create a new paraStyle with desired formatting (no numbering list, proper indent).

          So your text would look like:


          header (paraStyle1)

               subheader (paraStyle2)

               subheader (paraStyle2)

               no_list (paraStyle3)

               subheader (paraStyle2)

          header (paraStyle1)

               subheader... (paraStyle2)


          and so on (a logic of list should be kept)