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    need help with a budget build


      ok my buddy uses pp cs5 to make short 3 to 10 min videos for bands and buisnesses. he needs a new computer bad!!! right now he is using a 3.0 amd phenom quad core with 8 gigs of ram, a none suported ati GC, and one 2tb hdd. he uses a t3i for shooting


      he knows nothing about computers, just that his sucks and that the copany he helps eidit for their apple is great.


      i started to help him figure out what he could do, to slowly build a new pc to help him out.


      right now we have 5 500 gig hdds we are planning on using in a raid 5 config for PP


      just a little sata 150mb 320 gig hdd for os (plan one getting a ssd later)


      750 watt psu


      what we are looking to do is start of buying, MB, CPU,and 16gigs of ram(32 gigs later)


      i have always built amd pcs. so i was looking at the fx8350 and a gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3 mb. i know that all of you are going to tell me to go with intel and i'm ok with that. i just want the most bang for his buck so he doesn't kill himself


      i'm really trying to get the best mb/cpu/gc i can for $500


      please let me know what things are over clock to aswell and how they perform. keep in mind that he just started editing video about a year ago. so as he grows so will is setup, he just needs something less frustrating!!!


      thanks guys


      links to parts would be great