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        This makes me wonder what else was BROKEN in this POINT RELEASE.  Can I even trust Acrobat at all, I wonder?

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          Here is some troubleshoting guide that might be helpful for you:




          Verified on 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.8 Mountain Lion with FF 14.0.1 and Acrobat Reader 10.1.4. Works like charm.

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            FixitMAD1 Level 1

            I wrote messages about this problem is still present under Acrobat 10.1.4 and Windows 7 32bit. Now I see my previous messages have been removed.


            Is there some reason they are now gone!  We are still having the Exit on Crash when using a Plug-in called Redax v5.

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              vamalik Level 2

              Hi FixitMAD1,

              Can you share the crash dump from your machine via some file sharing server? You can create it from Task Manager->Processes (Right Click on the process and select "Create Crash dump") when Acrobat crashes.

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                FixitMAD1 Level 1

                Hi vamalik,


                I thought I sent you a private PM already with the link to our dump file for this issue? Let me know if you did not get it and I can resend it.



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                  Same here, tried everything from deleteing prefs, Uninstalling ande re-installing Acrobat, removing Safari, Uninstalling old Acrobat 9 etc.

                  MacOSX10.6.8, all happened after upgrading to latest CS5.5 (version 7.5.3) after finally receiving latest update for Enfocus Instant PDF 10 plugin.

                  Crash report:



                  Indesign pre-version 7.5.3 only worked fine with Acrobat 9 and Instant PDF 9. After upgrading both, the trouble began. This can only be caused by latest updates, and YES, we have to work with Instant PDF (company and industry guidelines/standard). Great solution by the way, blaming another company (Enfocus) for YOUR crashing software... We would like to receive some kind of workable solution.


                  It would be greatly appreciated if Adobe spent less time meeting their self-imposed "We MUST release a new CS version every year" and focus on making at least one version fully functionable. This mentality look more like "We want to make lots of money at the expense of (professional) users" instead of "We want to make a fully funtioning and working version of at least one version of the CS software".

                  Time to get your act together Adobe!

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                    vamalik, what is the fix for the weblink plugin crashes? My Acrobat Pro 10.1.4 crashes every time I close it now. And if I remove the weblink.api plugin the problem goes away. However once I remove the plugin, I lose the ability to print from Acrobat. Whenever I choose File>Print nothing happens. I did a repair of Acrobat and it just put back a new copy of the weblink.api and the crashing started all over again.

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                      From what I'm reading, it seems like adobe is not handling plugins well. It can be on it as long as you don't use it. It is when the application is using third party plug-ins, any plug-ins, that's when adobe crashes.  waiting on the fix....

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                        ksulliv1 Level 1

                        Yes, I ended up starting over and uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe CS 5.5, and then all of my third party applications one at a time after. I have Pitstop Pro, Quite Imposing Pro and Fusion Pro Desktop, and they all install pluging to Acrobat. I tested Acrobat at each interval along the way to see if it would crash on close. It all went really well and worked good for a couple days, until I installed the last program, Fusion Pro Desktop from Printable Technologies. As soon as I did and used the program the first time, the crashing was back, so why in my original testing when removing the Weblink plugin, it would fix the issue, I'm not sure. But for now, I just remove the Printable plugin folder for the Acrobat plugins folder, until I actually need to work in Fusion Pro, and Acrobat works fine for me.

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