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    DW CS5 Sync issue - error occurred - Access denied -- Mac


      Here is a copy of the error


      index.html - Put operation successful

      - error occurred - Access denied.  The file may not exist locally,  may be open in another program, or there could be a local permission problem.

      pics:logo.2.jpg - same - not transferred


      File activity incomplete. 1 file(s) or folder(s) were not completed.

      Files updated: 1

      Files skipped: 1


      Files with errors: 1



      I have double and triple checked and the file is named properly, exists in the exact location (pics/) and the permission on the file is set to read/write for all


      It was working but the last two times I used PUT I got this error. I can't find anything wrong with the file or it's location. The file IS on the server already but I don't like having unresolved errors like this.


      I had one similar a few years back and I can't remember how I resolved it.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.