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    Convert Tags to Table

    bacas_christy Level 1

      Hi All,


      As per my XML tags for table we have the following format and I want to load this XML into Indesign with table format using Indesign Javascript.





      <td colsep="0">Mi</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">15.03.2012, 16.03.2012, 17.03.2012</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">10:15 - 11:45</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">someplace</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">some Name</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">ABC-DE-12</td>



      <td colsep="0">Mi</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">15.06.2012, 16.06.2012, 17.06.2012</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">09:15 - 10:45</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">otherplace</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">other Name</td>

      <td colsep="0" valign="bottom">XYZ-U-K-13</td>





      Please help me to convert to tags to Tables using Indesign Javascript.