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    SiteCatalyst Integration issues

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            We are having issues seeing props sent to SiteCatalyst thogh request is visible. We are implementing SiteCatalyst on our pages. I followed the following steps.


          1. Creating SiteCatalyst configurations and frameworks

          2. Linking a page with a SiteCatalyst framework and triggering calls to SiteCatalyst on a publish instance (instead of publish, triggered calls from authoring side at this point)

          3. Checking reports on SiteCatalyst side


           Upon checking the reports in Omniture Site Catalyst side, I can see the traffic coming to site catalyst but the props set up in the framework where for e.g I am setting in the Adobe SiteCatalyst framework

      CQ variable    SiteCatalyst variable


      pagedata.title      pageName
      pagedata.locale     prop4
      pagedata.channel    channel
      pagedata.section    prop1
      pagedata.subsection prop2

      pagedata.subsubsection  prop3


      As well have have the same variables written in metadata. Metadata is used somewhere elso also thats why specified there. I see the values being written in  metadata but not passed in props. Only difference is that I am not using "pagedata" term in writing to page data. Metadata is correctly visible in html page when reading same variables.


      <meta name="channel" content="home"/>

      <meta name="section" content="<%=CommonUtil.getProperty(currentPage, "section")%>"/>

      <meta name="subsection" content="<%=CommonUtil.getProperty(currentPage, "subsection")%>"/>

      <meta name="subsubsection" content="<%=CommonUtil.getProperty(currentPage, "subsubsection")%>"/>