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    Help with controlling a movieclip

      well, here is the script im using

      [code]on (release) {

      and it works fine. but when i put it into a movie clip so i can move it using arrows, the script stops working.

      [url=http://www.onboarderror.com/cssmaps.swf]http://www.onboarderror.com/cssmaps.swf[/url] (it might take a while to dl)

      just click on the first image to get to the problem. the big image is a simple movie clip (called big) with 6 frames each frame housing an image. and the thumbnails are inside of another movieclip called (thumb) and are controlled by the left and right arrow. because its cool like that.

      now theres a button on the left inside of the thumb movieclip that i want to control the big movieclip. but its not working because its in a separate movieclip. if its not in a movie clip it works fine.

      of course its not done yet, so once you click the button that works you'll have to refresh. and ill put in a preloader later.

      does anyone have a tutorial on how to do this sort of thing? or a script that will solve the problem?

      one idea is to have it so when you click the button inside of that thumbnail strip it will tell the big image to get a url of an image and change to that. but i have no clue on how to do it.

      thanks in advanced