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    Video "tearing" on monitors

    jdmack01 Level 1

      I am using Premiere CS5.5.  I have a GTX 460 card with the MPE GPU acceleration turned on.  I am using the DVI output from the card to my GUI monitor and the HDMI output to a second computer monitor (Samsung - supposedly hi-def, though I know this is not the same as a true hi-def production video monitor).


      I am still working with a lot of SD footage.  It seems like anytime there is significant camera movement in an SD clip, there will be tearing somewhere across the middle of the image.  This is true in my source monitor, my program monitor and my second full-screen monitor.  The location of the tearing can vary with each playback.   If I look at the same clip with the VLC player, I don't see the tearing.  Is there something I can do in Premiere to stop this from happening?


      J. D.