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    Photoshop CS4 file associations (Vista) - fix

    tonyperry1951 Level 1

      --Only tried on Windows Vista - For those who upgraded from Photoshop CS3 to CS4 and lost the ability to associate Photoshop with specific file extensions (like .jpg) because it didn't show up in the "Openwith" list.  You might want to try this fix:


      Because the upgrade install did not update the following registry entry;


      Mine was still set to

      @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Adobe Photoshop CS3\\Photoshop.exe\" \"%1\""

      Windows doesn't see the new CS4 version as an application and if you have uninstalled CS3 it doesn't see Photoshop as an application period.


      Type the following in a text file and save it with a '.reg' extension.  Make sure that the path is correct in the last line and uses the exact syntax shown (cut and paste should work but make sure you check that the Photoshop.exe file path is correct for your machine.)  Save it to your desktop and double clicking it should automagically update your registry.


      This is much safer than mucking about in regedit but still be careful not to make any typos, they can have unexpected results.


      ========= start file at next line
      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




      @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Adobe Photoshop CS4\\Photoshop.exe\" \"%1\""
      ========== end of file at line before this


      Why Adobe didn't do this in the install is beyond my simple mind to ascertain.