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    CC Simple Wire Removal Tool

    skellyfilms3942 Level 1

      When I try to apply the effect to a composition, the whole composition turns to black. And if it doesn't turn the whole comp black, it will turn it upside down, backwards and purple. Why?


      Running a MacPro 3,1


      quad core 2.8 x 2

      6 gig Ram

      video card is a ati radeon hd2600 xt

      OS 10.6.8

      AE setting are default

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of AE? What kind of layer are you applying the effect to? I'm assuming it is footage. If it is, what is the source and codec of the footage?


          This sounds like a codec problem or an OPEN GL display issue. I'd try turning off OPEN GL for previews first.

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            skellyfilms3942 Level 1

            it's CS6. It is Footage. We have tried both camera codec which is h.264 and batched as apple pro res 422. as well as mpeg4 and we get one of the two results listed above evey time. Where is the location of the OPEN GL to turn on and off.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Mpeg4 should not be used at all for production. h.264 from a camera is usually OK depending on the data rates for source footage but should never be used to render in your production pipeline.


              You can set open GL preferences in the Preferences Panel under Previews. You turn Open GL accelerated preview in the Composition Window. If I remember it's the 3rd icon from the right. It kind of looks like a little TV . Inside you'll find the option to use adaptive resolution or OPEN GL for previews.


              Also, 3rd party codec packs can foul up AE. If you've installed any try removing or deactivating them in System Preferences.

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                skellyfilms3942 Level 1

                Nope - still happening. File imports fine, comp opens fine, as soon as CC simple wire removal effect is applied the whole comp goes black. We are not editing w/mpeg4, we simply experimented with as many different files as possible to try and suss the possible issue, but thanks. Open GL was set to off. FYI - the issue we are trying to correct is a stuck pixel using the wire removal.

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                  I am having this exact issue as well! I'm running the most updated version of After Effects CS6 on a Windows 7 64-bit machine.

                  GPU: nVidia GTX470.

                  CPU: Intel Core i7 920, 2.8gHz.

                  18GB DDR3 Ram.


                  I've been trying to use Wire Removal to remove stuck pixels as well, on Canon DSLR footage. Both the original H.264 and the converted ProRes footage yields a black screen, or an upside-down, purple/bluish image.

                  Turning Fast Previews off to Final Output, changing resolutions from Full to Half to Quarter, all don't do anything.


                  The only other 3rd-party plugins I have installed are Trapcode Shine and Particular.


                  I hope there's a resolution to this problem shortly!

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                    skellyfilms3942 Level 1

                    By today, I hope!

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I tried a bunch of footage and found that I could reproduce your bug. I suggest you file a bug report. I can't make the problem go away on OSX 10.7.5. I'll try on 10.8 tomorrow.

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                        i am also having these same issues..... so odd because i used this tool a few weeks ago to remove a piece of dust on a timelapse and now i just get a black screen over the footage. i am running 10.8.2

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I think this is a graphics card issue. One of my systems runs just fine with the latest build, the other two (one with intel graphics and the other with ATI) don't work at all. Interestingly enough, I just tried on a Mac Mini (new) with Intel graphics. Wire Removal works just fine.


                          This has to be a bug and not a configuration issue because I used the same clip for all tests.

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                            I had the same problem with CC Wire Removal yesterday where it turned the whole comp black and was unresponsive to my attempts to change the two base points.  However when I tried to turn the effect off After Effects crashed and reverted the project to a version I had brought in to work nine hours before .  I think the reversion issue may have had something to do with dynamic link or perhaps even a heat failure with the external hard drive I was saving the project to.  I want to run some more tests to isolate the issue and communicate with Adobe about it but I have to finish this project first. 


                            One thing I can say is it's probably not a graphics card issue.  I have the exact same GPU on my PC at home and my work computer and the effect works fine on my home PC.  Still have the same bug with wire removal at work today but I pre-rendered the finished shot at home.  Am running the GTX 570 on both machines. 


                            Will post again once I get in contact with Adobe. 

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                              Same problem here. OS X 10.8.2, GTX 285, CS6 11.02.

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                                I am having the same problem on three different macs. One with no additional plugin. I think the new AE update killed it.

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                                  Just adding another to the list.

                                  I'm having the same issue as everyone else. Using a windows machine with latest drivers and updates. As far as I can tell everything else in After Effects is working correctly.

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                                    I also am having the same issue. The layer is just disappearing when I apply the wire effect. Windows 7, latest update, all that. If I move the points around I can get the layer to show back up, but the effect still doesn't work. I tried everything I could think of. I'm using some creative masking and layer duplication to try and get around this. Can't say I use this effect very often, but on this particular project (which I originally did in a previous version of AE) I used the wire effect no less than 10 times. So it would be nice to get this fixed, although by the time it's fixed I'll have finished this project no doubt. :-)

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                                      idan yonas



                                      Had the exact same issue, tried everything - playing arround with frame blending, codecs, cuda, drivers all in vain. and couldnt find anything usefull on the web..




                                      -------What did the magic for me was copying a fesh copy of the plug-in into my plug-ins folder.


                                      here's how it goes,

                                      Go to your .dmg installaiton of after effects cs6 (in my case Master collection cs6)

                                      Mount it and open the folder.

                                      now, instead of couble clicking the install button, go to-- payloads/AdobeAfterEffects11...

                                      Locate and mount the after effects .dmg

                                      Once mounted go to-- Assets1/universal/Professional/Plug-ins/Effects   The CC simple wire removal is a part of the CycoreFXHD bundle.

                                      Simpley copy the CycoreFXHD folder to your local Plug-ins folder. Make sure you place it under the Effects folder. Click yes to replace etc'...



                                      as i said nothing els worked, always good to get a fresh copy of the plug-ins..


                                      macbookpro 2010. os 10.8.2 cs6 with latest updates. cuda 5... hope its usefull...

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                                        Zac Simpson Level 1

                                        This is happening to me too.  On two different systems with different specs and I just clean installed the suite on one of those.  I can't apply the above solution - I'm on PC and the file structure doesnt appear to be the same?

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                                          This is happening to me as well. I'm on an iMac, 10.7.5. I went back to an older project file that I had used this plug-in with, and those clips no longer function properly either. The last update is the fiend, methinks.

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                                            BrandonFreeman Level 1

                                            For now what I've done is copy the CS5 version of the plug-in to the CS6 folder, and moved the faulty CS6 plug-in to the desktop until another update comes in. Problem solved for now.

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                                              AEZ125 Level 1

                                              Where I can find the file, on my windows cd there are only zip files with lots of non sense

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                                                mikekang Level 1

                                                Having the same issue. Currently using the plug-in from my 5.5 folder as a workaround.


                                                Windows 7 (all updates current)

                                                Nvidia GTX 570 (current drivers)

                                                AE CS6

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                                                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                  We're looking into this.

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                                                    PaddPro Level 1

                                                    Got some phone pole wires to get rid of. Searched around, found recs for CC Simple Wire R. Looked for help. Everybody said "hey, it's easy". OK, load up footage, drop effect thereupon. Lo and behold! Totally black everywhere on timeline. OK, it's easy. I must be...missing something. Then found this thread to which I contribute the following:

                                                    Win 7 all updates


                                                    NVIDIA gtx 670 (current driver)

                                                    1. If I drop the CC SWR onto timeline, whole composition first appears to turn black; scrubbing the timeline shows black until stop scrubbing at which point upside down, backwards, and purple appear.

                                                    2. Following Brandon Freeman's idea of using 5.5 ver of plug-in yields same result (step 3. not verified as this was all done with CS6 plug-in restored (always reloading AE after each change to the plug-in)/

                                                    3. And finally, there seems to be some kind of pair pattern of the black/purple depending on where you start (black or purple), which removal style you force to purple by scrubbing... here are a few results



                                                    Disp horblack
                                                    Disp black




                                                    Disp hor


                                                    Disp horpurple

                                                    In other words, start with the first four combo, then, with Frame selected as removal style, force the purple by scrubbing. Other removal styles behave as shown. Ditto for Disp Hor.

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                                                      Any bug fix/solution for this problem yet? 

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                                                        PaddPro Level 1

                                                        A bit more info. While I couldn't seem to solve the problem moving 5.5 plug-in to 6, I found that by running the older 5.5 version I could use cc simple wire removal without the black/purple problems showing up in AE. However, taking the successful 5.5 comp into either Premier Pro 6 or Media Encoder 6, brings a problem of purplish overcast. Quite surprised at this; in order to get this plug-in to successfulily work, it is necessary to totally return to 5.5. BTW, simple wire removal is both simple and, in this instance, quite successful (as long as we stick to 5.5!!)

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                                                          Has a fix, patch, or workaround been created or located as of yet? I've just purchased the CS6 Production Premium Suite and am sorely disapointed to see that I cannot remove hot pixels from my Canon footage as previously believed.

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                                                            Hey guys. Just curious if this is a planned fix. Long time user of CS5.5 at work. Signed up for creative cloud and it's been just awful.


                                                            Apologies for the screen name. I tried all the other screen names I use, which I can't believe would have been taken, none worked. This one took. Funny.



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                                                              I had the same problem, tried the solution provided by Idan above (find the original plugin and replace it), worked great. thanks for the help, Idan.


                                                              For those that have the disc and want to find the plugin it's located here:

                                                              CS6 ProdPrm 1 > Adobe CS6 Production Premium > payloads > AdobeAfterEffects11AllTrial > AdobeAfterEffectsAllTrial.dmg


                                                              mount that discimage




                                                              Assets1 > universal > Professional > Plug-ins > Effects > CycoreFXHD > SimpleWireRemoval.plugin


                                                              swap that with the one in your AE plugins folder on your drive (always back it up first!), and everything seems to work great.

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                                                                alexdejesus Level 1

                                                                Well, there are a couple of dozen posts here about the same problem, but no solution (except for Idan, but he's on a Mac) Has anyone solved this issue? I need to remove a few lens dust spots from my footage - a lot of it, and this tool looks like it would solve my problem. But when I apply the effect, the video either disappears or turns purple and upside down.

                                                                • 29. Re: CC Simple Wire Removal Tool
                                                                  alexdejesus Level 1

                                                                  Got a beta fix from Cyclore. unzipped and placed in Plugin Cyclore folder. Works as advertised

                                                                  • 30. Re: CC Simple Wire Removal Tool

                                                                    Is there a fix now for Win 64? I'm having serious deadline trouble here!

                                                                    • 31. Re: CC Simple Wire Removal Tool
                                                                      BrandonFreeman Level 1

                                                                      How did you go about connecting with Cyclore for this? I couldn't find their site and would love to have the beta fix as well.

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                                                                        -motiondesigner Level 1

                                                                        I tried contacting them via email a few hours ago. But no reaction.

                                                                        BTW: its cycore.



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                                                                          alexdejesus Level 1

                                                                          E-mail: support@cycorefx.com


                                                                          Phone: +46-(0)18-50 90 40


                                                                          Fax: +46-(0)18-444 40 41


                                                                          I emailed late afternoon and got an answer the following morning. Great support

                                                                          • 34. Re: CC Simple Wire Removal Tool

                                                                            I contacted Cycore via email

                                                                            E-mail: support@cycorefx.com

                                                                            They got back to me within a couple business hours and sent me a BETA version of Simple Wire Remove plug in. I installed it and it works fine for hot pixel fix.

                                                                            Just locate the existing one in your system and copy and paste in the new version. ( I located the Cycore folder with a simple search on my C: drive )

                                                                            Windows 7, 64 bit

                                                                            • 35. Re: CC Simple Wire Removal Tool

                                                                              I did the same thing.  Cycore very helpfully and quickly got back to me with the beta plugin, which worked well for wire removal.

                                                                              However, if the correlation I'm seeing actually indicates causation, it also appears to have screwed up the clone stamp tool, as well as keyframe function in renders (but not RAM previews, oddly).  These issues occurred on both my work Mac and my home PC and I spent a bit of time this last week trying to figure out what was wrong.

                                                                              Simply deleting the plugin from the folder didn't fix things so I did a full AE reinstall at home (I'll be doing the same at work tomorrow morning), which brought me back to normal export function again.  Just letting you know that it looks like they may still have some work to do before the plugin is ready for prime time (they told me it was beta!) and that your mileage may vary.

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                                                                                Jedihopper Level 1

                                                                                I have the same issue with the black screen, should it not be easy just to get an working version of the simplewireremoval.aex file? or an small update to download.


                                                                                • 37. Re: CC Simple Wire Removal Tool
                                                                                  alexdejesus Level 1

                                                                                  Very easy. Just email support@cycorefx.com They should send you a beta version with instructions on how to install it. Basically just replace your current .aex file with the new one and restart the program.

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                                                                                    mrwitte Level 1

                                                                                    Just be certain to do a system backup before putting the beta plugin in the folder - unless you're OK with potentially reinstalling After Effects.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: CC Simple Wire Removal Tool
                                                                                      alexdejesus Level 1

                                                                                      Always good advice to backup, but being just a plugin, all I did was go into the proper AE folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS6\Support Files\Plug-ins\Effects\CycoreFXHD put the original file "SimpleWireRemove" on my desktop (don't delete it) and pasted the new file in its place.

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