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    I cannot get an animated graphic symbol to be animated in my browser...


      Hello and thanks for looking...


      I have followed this animation using bones and armatures tutorial:


      (which is superb and thanks to the poster)


      My problem is that i cannot get them to be animated inside a browser.

      I have created the armature and the poses etc. and I have then selected all the leg parts and converted them to a graphic symbol as per the instructions (i have nested the leg symbols inside the 'leg armature' symbol (point 12 near figure 27).  I have connected all the bones fine not a problem...


      But if i then look at them in a browser they are not animated, but if i press play inside the little library window it is animated! 


      So each indivdual armature symbol works a treat in the library window (individually).  However when i save them as whole (i.e. a walk cycle symbol as per point 1 near figure 39) nothing is animated.  I have motion tweened them to move across the stage (so they have the frames to be animated) but there are no animated parts when previewed - the character just glides with no moving parts.


      I have re-read it several times and cannot find what i am doing wrong!  It is probably something really simple and i am being dim - it would be nice if you could tell me how   Sorry if this is confusing. My head is hurting again.


      Thanks v much.


      (just to note i did select AS3 and i have CS6)