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    Index Text: "Type the keyword.." and Content Categories

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      I would like to change the text, "Type in the keyword to find" which appears when the Index is displayed.


      Here's my situtation:


      1. I use content categories and have a user, install, and settings guide. Some content is shared and displays in more than one category. Conditional build tags determine where the content displays.
      2. I have 3 TOCs
      3. I have one  index. The index conveniently hides keywords when that keyword does not appear in the displayed content category (I'll call that a book). RH index wizard was absolutely horrible, so I built the index manually and I wasn't going to go through the process three times.
      4. In the generated files, when selecting the Index button on the skin, the reader will view the index corresponding to the book being displayed.  So, when the reader is viewing the user guide, the index contains only those words found in the user guide. When the reader is viewing the install guide and selects the index button, the install index displays.




      I would like to add the words "User Guide", "Install Guide" and "Settings" to the "Type in the keyword to find" sentence so that it's clear to the reader which index is displayed.


      I found the "Type in the keyword to find" text in the output file, whres.xml, but when I change it (in the output files) and refresh my browser I don't see my modification.  I can't perform a global change in the Lng folder because I want 3 different texts to display.


      Any advice?


      Thanks in advance...!


      RH, Webhelp