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    Extreme flash problem

    Erik rqt



      For almost a week now I have had problems with using flash in my browsers (IE, Mozilla and Chrome which is my default browser). It's like the browsers doesn't feel that it's installed, also Chrome has the same problem even though it's built in there. The problem I have is that for example on Youtube it says that the plug in can't be loaded, and this occur in advertising and on other sites with different flash player. The problem also occur on Adobes site with the same problem tha the plug in can't be loaded.


      I have tried to reinstall the browsers and Flash several times with no success. Later on I even tried to remove the antivirus and change to something else to fix it but no luck there either. I have no further ideas what I can do it and really need your help as it seems as my last option is to reinstall my OS.


      My OS is Vista Ultimate and flash version is the newest (11.6.602.168).

      Thanks for your help!



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          chris.campbell Employee Hosts

          This definitely sounds like something is blocking Flash Player from working.  If it had only been one browser I would guess it was a configuration issue, but with all of them blocked it sounds like a third party utility/service.


          What anti virus/firewall are you using?  Do you have any ad blocking software installed?




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            Erik rqt Community Member

            Yeah, I think you're right about that Chris. I had NOD 32 installed but I tried to remove that and tested AVAST instead, no change though. In Chrome I also had AdBlock installed but I removed that as well without any change. I've also disabled Silverlight in Chrome to see if that would change anything, but no.

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              Jeromie Clark Employee Hosts

              In many instances, you have to fully uninstall the security software to get around the problem.  I've seen some aftermarket firewall software cause similar problems as well.  Disabling the software usually doesn't do it.


              You have three completely separate installations of Flash Player on your machine all misbehaving. 


              Make sure that Flash Player is enabled under chrome://plugins and about:plugins in Firefox. 


              If it still doesn't launch, maybe your preferences are corrupted.  Go to Control Panel > Flash Player > Advanced > Browsing Data and Settings > Delete All. 


              Restart your browser(s) and see if that resolves the problem.


              If that doesn't do it, I'd go the nuclear route:

              Download the Flash Player Uninstaller


              Run the uninstaller

              Reboot again

              Go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer and download the installer.

              Exit any open browsers and run the installer.