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    Encore insists on transcoding H.264 Blu-ray encoded file (Blu-ray legal)


      I have a Blu-ray legal .m4v file encoded out of Adobe Media Encoder as H.264 Blu-ray VBR 2-Pass, maximum render, target 25Mbps, maximum 30Mbps.


      My project is H.264, maximum 40Mbps.


      Encore keeps listing the video file as untranscoded and wants to transcode it.


      I've tried encoding just a portion of the video file instead of the whole thing using the same settings and when I bring this into Encore it recognizes it as Blu-ray legal and sets it to "Don't Transcode".


      Can anyone think of a reason as to why this is happening?  I really don't want to sit through another eight hour encode that could degregade pq further.



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