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    Adobe wants 10% of revenue from IOS apps!!!


      FrancoisH wrote this originally,

      Just see that adobe will request 10% of revenue for app .

      You adobe are crazy and still continue to work hard to kill director...

      Now the link is up and please go through the URL http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/director_supplemental_terms.html for more information.


      I just thoght this sould have it's own topic, seeing it's preposterous. I will never agree to this. I'll publish my games on App-store for free, while converting them to Unity, and then never looking back to Director again, even though I have been developing in Director since version 4).

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          As another old school director guy who has been learning some other software for mobile development (Cocos2D), I have to agree.


          Look, you've ignored Director for the last 8 years, so a lot of Director developers have moved on to other things. So, the only way to grow the product is to get back that user base AND build a new user-base. And considering the amount of tools that are out there right now that are free and/or cost effective, this  pricing scheme isn't going to do either.


          So, yes. This is ridiculous.  I realize that you need to make your money back on development costs, but considering that you are charging $1000 for a new install, AND asking for an additional cut on top of that is pretty insane. If you want a revenue cut, that's fine...but the software better be less than $50.


          Congratulations, Adobe. It's not like you've had much interest in supporting Director in recent years anyway. Looks like you get your wish for it to disappear completely.

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            Up until now, I have been very optimistic about the release of D12.  It's now painfully clear that Adobe's only intention is to hold hostage those of us who long ago committed to using and supporting a once great application.


            Here's an idea Adobe: why don't YOU publish, promote, and support your own functional software, price it reasonably, and put forth the effort to develop a fan base, instead of telling the rest of us to do it for you while you impose a 10% tax on our efforts.


            I don't have any intention of buying anything from Adobe ever again.  RunRev... here I come!

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              mdmoser Level 1

              The 10% fee is only applicable on earnings above $ 20.000 per App.

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                MrSkyRider Level 1

                I have seen that. But try explaining that to a customer. Yes we can make a app for you, but if you earn too much Adobe will take a 10% cut! I can't imagine they would accept that, can you?

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                  rlv360 Level 1

                  That is only 7% of the App revenue, against Apple's share of 30% of your App revenue. Or more to the point you keep 90% of your available income. I can't believe that Director 12 will pay Adobe in the same way as Flash Builder does so it seems reasonable that they would charge a license fee. But maybe that's just me. Downloading the Trial version i've been able to develop a simple App in half a day. For an old Director guy that seems far better than the learning curve of Objective C, Flex Builder or Phonegap with all the associated mucking about with seperate image editing and animation tools. It feels like i've got my right arm back and at 7% of any of my Apps that make money it doesn't seem too bad. Only question i have is can i test for free and can i deploy to Enterprise for free?

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                    doho123 Level 1

                    After messing around with the trial version and getting some old director shockwave projects to run on my iPad2.....


                    A) They all run slow. From barely usable slow to extremely uselessly laggy.


                    B) After looking into it some more, aside from the long odds of hitting the $20k barrier, I doubt Adobe will ever collect on their 7% for this simple reason: Unless you are Minecraft, the IOS world is all about free apps with In-App Purchases, and from everything I can see so far, Director doesn't have the "hooks" right now into the IAP code stream. (I could be wrong about this...feel free to point me in the direction of some documentation where this is possible).