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    Mac Finder Thumbnail Update Using Save-As External Hard Drive




      I recently converted to an iMac and CS6 from PC/CS5.  In addition to the Mac OS missing some key file selection tools (like shift select for a range of files), I am having a big problem with thumbnail.  I recently sent a file to be printed that was edited in CS6 on the iMac.  The files were stored on an external hard drive connected direclty to the iMac.  The file I got from the printer did not match the image I sent.  I traced the problem to the fact that when using the Save-as function, the thumbnail was not updated. 


      I was able to replicate this problem at will.  As an experiment, I moved the file onto the internal hard drive and tried again.  This time the thumbnail did update.  Has anybody else had this problem?  Is this a Mac OS issue, or a Photoshop issue?