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    "Black" clip on import

    fetusticianpj Level 1

      I am looking for help on this one too.


      I am importing some video clips created by a GE medical equipment (Voluson E8). The clips play with a variety of Media player, adn they import in Premiere CS6, but the preview and the monitor are totally black. Yet you can see the "reader head" travel properly along the time line.

      This suggest to me a CODEC issue, but i am nto sure how to solve this.

      These are the properties of the clip:


      Type: AVI Movie

      File Size: 154.3 MB

      Image Size: 975 x 735

      Frame Rate: 55.55

      Total Duration: 00;00;09;24

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


      Thanks for pointers !