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    Flicker showing up in exported videos with various codecs

    KB8WFH Level 1

      I am exporting videos using various codecs and all of them are showing a flicker occasionally that is obviously not in the original footage or in the editing footage. The flicker is a brief one-frame looking jump to black. The flicker only seems to occur viewing it on the web. Viewing the same file on my system using "Preview" (Mac OS X) produces the same flicker. However, watching it using the full QuickTime viewer does not show the flicker.


      The footage was shot using a DSLR and is from a Pentax K7 and is 1280 x 720, 25 fps.


      Edited footage in Premiere CS6 looks fine. I am using export settings for 720p from H.264 for YouTube, Vimeo and straight HD 720p at all three available frame rates (23.976, 25.0 29.97). I have also exported using QuickTime codecs at HD 720p, H.264


      Here is a link to two examples of the videos with the flicker probelms. One flick occurs in the first one in several places, the first one right at the beginning as the fade-in is still occurring, but occurs in both videos throughout occasionally.




      Any idea as to what is causing this and hot to fix it?