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        chris.campbell Adobe Employee

        Ok, I've talked with members from the Adobe video team and Google's YouTube engineers.  YouTube's new buffering behavior was an intentional change in the YouTube code.  After extensive testing, it was found that this method ultimately improved video performance.  If you discover that buffering does not work when paused, you can work around this by changing the size of the video player.


        Adobe and Google will continue to work together to improve the video experience.  I'll make note to update this post when we have new features that might be of interest to you in upcoming lab releases.



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          schützenkönig Level 1

          Thank you very much for your reply and for did investigate by the engineers, super! I appreciate your job, congratulations!

          I am very happy in reading what you wrote.

          And thank you for updating this post when new features will be available (I will become a mail, because I subscribed to this topic) ))


          PS: >>you can work around this by changing the size of the video player.<<

          if you agree, about the workaround I would to say:


          "by changing the resolution of the video", i.e. if my default (in expanded window) looks 480p > change to 360p and then > to 480p again, to resume the buffering even in pause mode. or, if your default looks 360p: change it to 240p> and then to 360p again.

          only if the video is available at 240p only, you cannot use the workaround and the video in pause mode cannot be buffered". (HD resolutions: no problems, because you have to change manually every time when you like to watch in HD resolutions, or this happens by default when you go in full screen mode: by enabling "watch HD in full scrren mode" in your personal settings  => another issue in YT, not flash => you go to the max resolutin available (720 or 1080p) in full screen, even if you DONT check the box "watch in HD in full screen mode" in your YT account settings, but this a different problem ).



          thank you thank you!


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            chris.campbell Adobe Employee

            I took "changing the size" of the video player to mean going full screen (or the larger size) and then back to the previous size.  However, if that doesn't work, by all means try changing the resolution.

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              schützenkönig Level 1

              yes, I have to change the resolutions (only if the video is 240 I cannot change it).

              this is a good workaround, but...

              even if YouTube's new buffering behavior was an intentional change in the YouTube code, and even if it was found that  improved video performance (?), I warmly hope that engineers will guarantee in the future that the buffering in pause mode will work again as in the past. (another change in YT's code required).

              This is very very useful if you open 10 or more YT videos at a time, and in the meantime you pause them and let them buffer and in the meantime you watch the first video after watching the first video all other are ready for watching

              The workaround works fine (I spend 2 seconds only for each video), but I hope, I warmly hope that the buffering process in pause mode will work fine without any workaround as until february 2012



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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                I agree, and I can assure you we'll continue to work with Google to improve the video experience!

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                  schützenkönig Level 1

                  Hi Chris, bad news today , very bad news!!


                  You now, due to the problem with all the videos not buffering while paused, the workaround is => change the resolution. very fine!

                  but starting from today...this is unpossible to do!!


                  if you change the resolution (workaround) the grey bar-load bar does disappear!!


                  so...please I need a workaround for the workaround ...




                  the greay bar disappears if you change the resolution.



                  https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/youtube/watching-videos/Sbejm2zuXJ Y


                  and now...

                  https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/youtube/watching-videos/6zVPyUYr4w k


                  it is embarassing using youtube with flsh (html5 ok).


                  what are saying the engineers? instead of amelioraments I see (WE see) worsening in yt behaviour.

                  two big issues are too many issues


                  PS: here a post from a user from the yt forum with a link of som interest:

                  >>THE PROBLEM IS FLASH! The newest updates messed something up. I see that you've been having these issues since January, while I've started having those quite recently. Since I'm not really keen on updates than that's probably why I was "spared" from this for such a long time.


                  Maybe, by knowing this time span, we can deduce which precise update was faulty. (versions 10 and 11 are definitely damaged)


                  Anyhow, there's also this article here:




                  Where the guy says something about buffering when paused. It's too high tech talk for me, so I don't really know what he's saying but I bet it has something to do with it. Also notice that it concerns the versions from 9 to later.<<


                  the buffer issue can easy be resolved with the workaround, but today....arises the newer issue with the grey bar. so..at this time there are 2 problems regarding the grey bar and no workaround ever


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                    schützenkönig Level 1

                    Dear Chris, good news!!!


                    after upgrading from flash 11.2 to flash 11.3 the issue has been resolved. now I can change the quality and the grey bar doesnt disappear!


                    unintsall flash 11.2

                    install flask 11.3.

                    without unintsller (NOT clean install!! cache cookie NOT deleted!!!)


                    you must upgrade to flash 11.3 only and the grey bar remains even if you change the video quality!!

                    very good.

                    => therefore it was a bug in flash 11.2????


                    the issue "Video stops buffering while paused" still remains, not resolved, as you read in the YT forum (starting from january, for me from narch, for other people from yesterday, from today...from tomorrow ....

                    but now I am able again to take the workaround: "change the video resolution" for one second and the buffer in pause mode works.

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                      chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                      I've heard a few reports of issues with YouTube in the last day or two that seem to have cleared themselves up today.  It's possible that you also ran into this.


                      The buffering change is still correct, nothing new to report back on that yet.

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                        I have exactly the same problem (Mac + Safari). Videos stop somewhere half way through, the point that indicates how far the playing is jumps in the beginning and it will keep buffering forever. Can't watch anything.

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                          So I'm new here and thats not really a good thing since I'm only here because of the buffering issue. I am currently using Google Chrome with windows vista. I'm sorry that I don't have the exact specs but Chrome is up to date. Now I live in Holland where I have an exilent internet connection. Since I came to America for vacation I've been having YT loading/ buffering problems. Yes my internet is worse then what im used to but I have me doubts why that's the problem. When ever I watch a youtube video my network utilization is about 0.80% whilst if I acctually download a file of the internet my network utilization increaes towards 12%. So might that mean that YT just isn't sending the data quick enough? Or am I just a total newbie?


                          My flash is up to date and that didn't help so I joined the HTML5 on YT. That helped for a couple of videos but then just stopped again.


                          What I do find out is that if I keep my computer on throughout the night in the morning my video will be buffered, or so it says since when I watch the vid about halfway it will stop.


                          Im I doing anything wrong and If you chould paraphrase what might help this problem


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                            So I have the exact same problem that the first poster in this thread and I have not found a solution. My videos in every site buffer a bit but then won´t continue buffering. if I change the quality of the video it starts buffering again and buffer a bit and stops again. I usually have to switch between 240p and 360p.. The problem started about 2 months ago and before that I could  without a problem watch 1080p videos. now if I try to watch 1080p or 720p videos it looks like it is buffering but after 10-30 seconds the video "breaks" and all I see is a green screen. This happens with all browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) I have re installed flashplayer and done everything in this thread.. This is very frustraiting because I can´t watch videos that only have 240p option. Anyone have a solution?

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                              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                              @OnniJonni - I'd recommend trying to revert back to a previous version of Flash Player to see if that fixes the issue.  In particular, give the latest 10.3 release a try. 


                              How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player?


                              If that doesn't solve the problem, then this might be due to something else occurring on the system.  Try these two links to see if either perform better:





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                                OnniJonni Level 1

                                Non-HTML5 video works much better and buffers propely

                                • 54. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues

                                  I stumbled upon this thread after having this problem for weeks and having searched for a solution over half of the internet. Tried every solution listed here including fiddling with hardware acceleration settings and cache unsuccessfully - not to mention the number of versions I attempted installing.


                                  Finally, zeroed in tbe problem as local RF interference that caused my modem to periodically lose function. I located the newly purchased cordless phone as the culprit. Tested by moving the instrument around and by repeating the  control experiment.  Buffering is now flawless .


                                  Voila -  What an unusual solution for a symptom so bizzare. I am not sure if all of you are experiencing the same problem, but as far as symptoms go, we were on the same boat.

                                  better rule this case out - good luck!

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                                    OnniJonni Level 1

                                    So.. I think it is not about the flashplayer because going to a older version did not work. If anyone has any idea how I can fix this please tell me

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                                      Ok all, this issue with Flash in browsers has been driving me nuts.  I had MP4 videos that were playing just fine using JW Player up until about 2-3 weeks ago, then all of a sudden they stopped buffering.  One thing I did find was that uninstalling Quicktime and Flash altogether resulted in IE9 falling back to WMP plugin to play MP4, but the buffering issue still existed on the client side.  Also, Firefox will not play MP4s without Flash, even with the WMP Firefox Plugin AddOn. 


                                      I resolved it on my own (as a test) by configuring IE9 to look at my site to be a Trusted site, then changing the configuration of Trusted Sites in IE9 to a Custom Setting where to:


                                      "Display video and animation on a webpage that does not require an external player"


                                      ...was changed to Enabled


                                      Then, I was able to actually click through the scrub bar to points forward in the video.  However, once I re-installed Flash, IE9 insists on using Flash to play the MP4s, and I cannot control it.


                                      BUT, and this is a big BUTT here, lol, I was not satisfied because I cannot control client browser behavior.  What I also found out in my research is that there is a new protocol which evolved from Silverlight applications, where servers enable throttling on videos.  This is so that if a user pauses a video (expecting it to load and come back to it later), the video only buffers to a certain point.  The intent of this new feature (in IIS from what I can tell) is to assist users from inappropriately using bandwidth for which they might not actually view... blah blah blah.


                                      I also switched ISPs.  I found out that AT&T is notorious for throttling, but I don't know if it had anything to do with my buffering issues, because when I switched to Comcast, the buffering issues resolved themselves.  I did provide myself with a test group and had a 50/50 response on the buffering issue.  Therefore, my next step is to look into the GZIP functionality of my Web host which is on Linux using Apache.  I initiated the .htaccess decompress method of "SetEnvIf Request_URI .* no-gzip=1", but that did not resolve the issue.  Therefore, I might switch Web hosts.


                                      That is all I got for now.


                                      Any other new solutions?


                                      P.S.  On a side note, I am going to keep AT&T along with Comcast in order to test my Web hosting until I figure this out.  I do not think it is any one particular issue, I think it is a culmination.  The problem is that not all users have their browsers and ISP connections set up to match my Web site's functionality.  Therefore, my biggest endeavor right now is to determine the best possible video bit rate encoding technique to reach the largest target audience.


                                      NOTE:  The buffering issue was resolved when using AT&T with IE9 accessing WMP plugin with my site as a trusted site.  So perhaps it is not a Web server issue afterall.  Perhaps it is the way the browsers and Antivirus software (I use Microsoft Security Essentials) handle Flash plugins.  This makes sense considering Firefox just went up to version 17.0, and I have been getting several Windows Updates (that I never bothered to explore).  Has anyone tried IE10?  There was also something I read about how Adblocking plugins cause problems, but disabling Adblock had no affect on my buffering issues.

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                                        BonniesDharma2012 Level 1

                                        BTW, I found that link about the Silveright throttling:


                                        http://www.microsoft.com/belux/interactive/newsletter/08-05/articles/mediatechnologies.asp x


                                        I dunno, but maybe it has some similar technology that the Antivirus software cannot keep up with or something.


                                        To quote that article:




                                        IIS 7 Media Pack

                                        One new feature added in the free IIS 7 Media Pack for Windows Server 2008 is Bit Rate Throttling. This fixes the problem with traditional progressive download of users pulling down a video file much faster than needed. For example, a user with a fast connection might try to play back an hour-long 500 Kbps file over a 5000 Kbps connection. They may only watch the first six minutes of the file before they move on to something else, but in that six minutes, the entire hour of the video has been transmitted, costing extra bandwidth for content that'll never be watched.


                                        With Bit Rate Throttling, progressive download includes an initial burst down to the client at high speed to enable immediate playback, but then ratchets down to send bits at the peak data rate of the file, preserving bandwidth while continuing to provide a high-quality experience.




                                        So maybe some servers are using that bit rate throttle, and Antivirus software is not up to match it?  I say that due to IE9 allowing me to access the scrub bar only when I added my site to the Trusted sites zone.  That is why I feel it might be an issue with Antivirus software.



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                                          schützenkönig Level 1



                                          fast switch between facebook and a just opened new tab youtube.



                                          Happy Xmas.

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                                            Apologize ahead if I'm posting this in the wrong place.


                                            For the past several months Jwplayer videos have been giving me and tech lines a head ache.

                                            Problem: Buffer wheel stays up while trying to load a video that uses Jwplayer. Entire video buffers behind this wheel unlike in other browsers or computers I've used. Then once it is all buffered it plays. I do not like using FF or IE for viewing this content to my class. It is just this computer.


                                            Things I have tried - uninstall/reinstall chrome, disable plug-ins, uninstall/reinstall Flash player, and contacted Lynda.com (site I'm trying to view videos from) and they are stumped too.)


                                            Longtailvideo is so hard to get in contact with and speak with so I'm positing here.


                                            Chrome Version:Version 24.0.1312.57 m

                                            Flash: 11 plugin & 11 active X (on my comouter)

                                            Chrome flash version:


                                            Shockwave Flash 11.5 r31
                                            further details: It only does this on sites that use Jwplayer for videos. Youtube, vimeo, and others work fine.

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                                              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                              I'm not sure what's going on here.  Have you tried posting over on Lontailvideo's forum?



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                                                I can no longer watch any Youtube video. It plays for a second, freezes for up to 10 seconds, plays maybe 3 seconds, then the problem begins. It will not buffer the vid.  If it buffers at all, it's only a second or two's worth. That means playback always exceeds buffering. Sometimes it just sits there, doing nothing. Sometimes it buffers a second's worth, then stops for minutes on end.  This buffering problme has been getting worse and worse. Every update to FLASH has mad eit worse.  IE, my current computer never had this problem. Now it does, on every video..  Ditto my laptop.  My previous computer gained this problem when I updated to FLASH 10. Everything was fine when I got my current one. But slowly but steadily over the past 2 years, the problem has gotten worse and worse.  First an occasional video.  Then a very slow buffering. Now videos are unwatchable. Every update exploits this bug more and more, not less and less. Sometimes it affects any vid using FLASH (IE KEEK). But it's only occassionally outside of Youtube. Youtube is affected completely by this no buffering problem.  Firefox (every version) or IE, it's always the same thing. Always getting worse, not better.

                                                • 62. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues

                                                  Guys, i have the same problem. Flash video stops after buffer full. According to Task Manager Flash process eat 100Mb and stops. If its HD video it is 30 sec, if 480p video ~10 min. Flash, antivirus, plugins, browser installing/uninstalling didn't help. Its happens sometimes in every browser i have. Reboot helps sometimes. Windows 7 64.

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                                                    Atherworld Level 1

                                                    Only solution I found is to chnage the playback settings to you have a slow connection. Downside: No HD vids.

                                                    • 64. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                      bikebrains Level 1

                                                      I am a heavy user of Youtube.   I have an HP quadprocessor, 64mb  Windows 7.   All of my software is current.     My ISP is AT+T who has stated that they do not "throttle" or limit download amount except for the understood limits placed on purchased bit rate.    I pay for an up to 6Mb download rate yet I rarely see anything over 5Mb when  using the AT&T Speed Test tool.     Speedtest.net just told me my download rate is 4.24Mb.    Bottline: I have enough bandwidth to support at least 480p.    I am not going to buy more bandwith because the current limitations and performance problems point to either the data download rate limits being controlled by Google/Youtube or a software problem within Flash.   I get HD quality videos from sources other than Youtube so, at the moment, my uneducated finger points at Youtube and Adobe.

                                                      I realize that bandwidth is expensive and advertising  revenue  is limited.    Therefore, I am willing to pay Gooble/Youtube a small monthly fee for guaranteed bandwidth.    I suggest a three rates, one for 480p, a higher rate for 720p and the highest for 1080p.   Bandwidth for 360p would remain free.    One should not expect Rolls-Royce quality at a Yugo price.


                                                      Back to the buffering problem.   My PC has over 600GB of free space, plenty of room to buffer a large video.     The software should be changed so that we can buffer a large video and then watch it without interuption.  Flash can look at the free space on a PC and then decide whether to use a small default buffer or a  larger buffer based on percentage of free space.  I hope the people at Adobe realize that there is considerable dissatisfaction  within the user community.

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                                                        chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                                        I would recommend starting a discussion (or finding an existing thread) over on the YouTube forums to see if others have been effected.



                                                        • 66. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                          Atherworld Level 1

                                                          None of them are of any use.  All are filled with people complaining about the same problem. No solutions are offered since it's not a Youtube Problem, it's a FLASH problem. Adding tons more "I can't buffer videos, Youtube please fix" this will accomplish as much as shouting it to the wind.


                                                          This problem has been steadily getting worse for over 2 years now (my computer originally never experienced this problem), coinciding with every FLASH update, and not a single solution has ever been offered on Youtube.  Not when the problem first appeared in 9. Not when the problem shifted to new users in 10. And not as more and more experienced it with 11.  Furthermore, the problem has since migrated to other FLASH using sites, like Keek.  All ahve one common factor: FLASH.

                                                          • 67. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                            chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                                            How have you come to the conclusion that " No solutions are offered since it's not a Youtube Problem, it's a FLASH problem"?  The change in buffering behavior discussed earlier in this thread was directly related to a change on YouTube's side, not Flash.


                                                            I would recommend reverting back to a previous version to see if that resolves the problem for you.  If it does not, then I'd look to third party utilities/services on your computer or browser add-ons/extensions.  You might also want to try viewing the content via https instead of http to see if that makes a difference.


                                                            How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player?

                                                            • 68. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                              Atherworld Level 1

                                                              Deductive reasoning.  Such as the fact this was a known problem in FLASH 9. The fact that when upgraded to 10, people who never had this problem suddenly had it. The exact same problem others posted about 9, and Adobe acknowledged.  The fact that over the past 2 or so years, my new computer, which didn't have the problem (but same 3rd party apps and settings) slowly dveeloped the problem, getting worse and worse. Ditto my laptob.  Time was it only affected Firefox.  Now IE, too.  Time was only a few vids here and there. Now every vid is affected. Time was it wa sonly a Youtube problem. Now videos anywhere thta sue FLASH have this problem. IE, Keek. The fact that Facebook game apps also have loading issues now too.  Alos over the last few years. The fact that when using my phone to watch Youtube yesterday, which doesn't support FLASH, I had zero (0) problems watching Youtube vids. The fact that when I got so fed up I uninstalled FLASH and had no problems at all, but had to reinstall FLASH to, you know, use most websites I regualry visit, the problem returned. The fact that any FLASH problem is usually answered by some "helpful" person with the useless and cliched repsonse of Update FLASH. Which of course A) I have done, and B) is quite pointless as the problem is not being addressed, acknowledged, and certainly not fixed (since 10, Adbobe's rresponse has been We fixed it. It's not our problem, it's yours. Much like your reposne up above). The fact that changing my settings has begun to not work (yet again) with the update to FLASH 11.6. The fact that Youtube's buffering problems would affect everybody, not just random people. The fact that people tell the same exact story, and still get no answers other than Update FLASH. The fact that the chances we're all using the same 3rd party software to cause this problem is pretty much nonexistent (and if on the off chance we were, it's clealry a majorily important program that so many people use that becoming compatible with it is certainly an Adobe problem).


                                                              The only solution is to go back into FLASH 9, and refix the problem, differently.  Shifting it onto new users is not fixing it. Denying there's a problem is not fixing it. Letting it get worse and worse every time there's a FLASH update is not fixing it. You screwed up the fix for 9. Fine. We forgive you. Saving face this way is not working. Making the Internet harder to use is not beneficial to anyone.


                                                              There's no two ways about it. It's a FLASH problem. Since, once again, it was acknowledged way back in 9.  The exact same problem we've been experiencing in 10 and 11. You can't really expect anyone to believe this problem appeared in 9, was fixed for 10, then magically manifested itself in Youtube, or one of our programs. Then got worse and worse with each FLASh update.

                                                              • 69. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                                Atherworld Level 1

                                                                OK, wow. FLASH 111.6 has outdone itself in complete and utter uselessness. Now when it doens't load (and it won't),  if it prebuffers, and you move the progress bar back, it clears everything already buffered in. If it doens't prebuffer, and moves in real time, it freezes.  No spinning sumbol.  Just frozen.

                                                                Are you guys intentionally making things worse?  Is there going to be a Premimum release you think we'll pay for to actually watch youtube vids?

                                                                • 70. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                                  schützenkönig Level 1

                                                                  >>>if it prebuffers, and you move the progress bar back, it clears everything already buffered in.



                                                                  I confirm this bad behaviour. Perhaps youtube/google has too many band and they want to waste it.

                                                                  • 71. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues

                                                                    Chris Campbell,


                                                                    Could you confirm that Adobe still recognizes this as an issue and is working (even with other companies) to fix it?


                                                                    In respone to your post:

                                                                    I am not coming to any conclusions, but for me the problem has not been exclusive to Youtube videos. I have experienced buffering issues (where the buffering simply stops, and so does the video when it reaches the part where the grey bar ends) in Facebook videos, Wimp.com videos, as well as movies on crackle and other streaming sites (i.e. twitch, march madness, etc.). The streaming sites seem to have less of an issue since they seem to constantly search for a rebuffer (or something to that effect - I am not technically knowledgable). They can also be worked around (unlike standard videos) just by clicking stop and then play again.


                                                                    The only workaround I have been able to implement for videos is to change resolution, which can be annoying and troublesome especially when watching long videos.

                                                                    • 72. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                                      chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                                                      I don't know of any buffering bugs that are being worked on internally (but I'm not on the video team so there might be something going on there.)  However, to realistically get this looked at we need a reproducible case that proves it's not the content provider's code.  This thread is long and covers many different issues.  I would suggest opening a new bug report at bugbase.adobe.com, starting a new forum thread and then getting others to visit the bug to add their comments and votes.

                                                                      • 73. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues

                                                                        The problem is that YOUTUBE lost compass, seems they are going down deeply with prediction that their shares will go down. Some quasi brainiac got stupidest idea on this world to induce paid subscription and to reduce bandwidth to users.

                                                                        For more than four months they tried all the tricks from the books to reduce everything they could to deduct buffer and bandwidth from the users. They blocked jumping, fast forwarding into the buffer, there was code to reset the buffer on any function beside straight play function. There was awful 5 and 10 second tricks with the buffer and great reduction in overall speed.
                                                                        They included load balancing servers all over internet.

                                                                        They don't understand how fast they will go down.

                                                                        • 74. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                                          Omar Marte

                                                                          hi, Im new to here, im having similar problem is not the same. I am using firefox, internet explorer, and google chrome. Video streaming stop after a few seconds and i have to refresh the window for it to come back. but when i play again, it stop again. It happens in all browsers and i dont know why. it started to happen a week ago, please if you can help me i would apreciente that.

                                                                          • 75. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                                            Tricky Satish

                                                                            I faced this problem for a long time and after a lot searching finally found solution


                                                                            Run "msconfig" and in general tab tick on normal start-up.


                                                                            then in services tab enable all services.


                                                                            Then restart system and it will work surely.

                                                                            • 76. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues

                                                                              I know this is a very old thread, but I have had this problem for weeks. Nothing in the previous posts fixed my problem.


                                                                              I offer what I did that corrected the problem. Is it the long-sought solution... or just a coincidence? You be the judge.


                                                                              In Firefox go to:

                                                                              1.  Tools/Options/Privacy

                                                                              2.  Check the box:    "Do not tell sites anything about my tracking preferences."

                                                                              3.  Re-load the web page containing the video and enjoy the show.

                                                                              4.  Thank me later..  :-) 

                                                                              • 77. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                                                Star Frost

                                                                                What if the video has no option for resolution?  I frequently encounter this problem and have no option for such things other than full-screen or windowed.

                                                                                • 78. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                                                  Star Frost Level 1

                                                                                  Yeah... except all of the reasons not to do that, like security and efficiency....   What if I don't want DropBox or QuickBooks or all of my Adobe Cloud nonsense to load every time I boot up but cant just go uninstalling / reinstalling it when I want to?  I may still be using a 32-bit OS but I sure as heck cant afford anything better so please Adobe, work with me here!

                                                                                  • 79. Re: Flash Video Stops Buffering and Never Continues
                                                                                    Star Frost Level 1

                                                                                    Im with you on 100% of what you said.  My solution (though it did nothing to fix my issues) was to install Adblock Plus to prevent them from getting ad revenue and to start using 3rd party sites.  Granted they are not trustworthy and should never be visited without some serous IC, but at least Youtube will be starved of my clicks / views... its the best I can do as a simple user.  Sadly, the buffer issues and the constant pauses to load more persists... so play it as it lays.