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          Poisson Bouge

          An exception occurs when trying to retrieve a mail with an empty body and an attachment :

          "The cause of this exception was: java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage cannot be cast to javax.mail.internet.MimeBodyPart."


          tried with Gmail, CF8/9, CFPOP/CFIMAP

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            What it's the test.cf.gmail of the connection?? it's a file? if is, what's the content of this file? thanks.

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              Poisson Bouge Level 1

              What do you mean by "test.cf.gmail"?

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                mattlink03 Level 1

                haaaa i'm sorry, i found the answer of my question, is the name of the connection, like this:  with the name of the connection reference, you can use it in another action.

                Now i have another issue, i try to retrieve a emails, but i can't retrieve all emails, this is the message i receive of coldfusion:

                InvocationTargetException:There was an error while invoking the operation. Check your server settings and try invoking the operation again.

                Reason: Server error Unable to invoke CFC - An exception occurred while performing action getall in cfimap tag. The cause of this exception was: java.lang.NullPointerException.

                It's only with some emails if i use the messagenumber and going one on one, i can figure out what email is the wrong, anyone knows about this error?