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    Updating table with query of 2 other tables?

    sakonnetweb Level 1



      I apologize in advance if this seems too easy to do- but I am missing something.


      I have 8000 records in an Access DB (I know- it's going into SQL soon) in which all  the departmental office IDs need to be updated.


      The column in the main table  is named "q_office_ID".


      The user table includes  user_ID &  office_ID.


      The office table also includes office_ID.


      This UPDATE sets all the values to the number 10?:


      <cfquery name="update" datasource="#Request.BaseDSN#">


      SELECT     queue_ID, q_user_ID, user_ID, office_ID


      FROM     main_helpdesk, lookup_user

      WHERE  q_user_ID = user_ID






      <cfloop query="update"><cfquery name="updatedata" datasource="#Request.BaseDSN#">

      UPDATE main_helpdesk



      SET q_office_ID = #office_ID#





      I know there is something obviously wrong with the update- any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank You