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      I imported some photos into Elements. Then I deleleted them. When I went to import them again I got the error message that the files were already in the catalog?

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          How did you delete them? From the organizer or from someplace else, like Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder?

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            Swarnima Adobe Employee

            Go to Folder's view and find the folder name you had thise photos placed in.

            If you find that folder, click on it to view the photos from that folder, which are already present in your catalog.


            Sometimes, it so happens, that you import and you get a message for one or two files that these are already present.(these can be the ones which you missed deleting.)

            Hence, when you try again, you cannot import them again.

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              andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

              Please check that all options in View >> Media Types are checked.