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    brush streaks on dodge and burn


      when painting with an effect, i choose dodge and burn. i set the burn to -86% and when painting that in i paint the entire sky and i see streaks made by the brush... no matter how many times i go over the area it stays the same darkness like it should, but leaves streaks everywhere...

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          ibarrien Adobe Employee



          would it be possible for you to post a screen shot of this?




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            yamaha83 Level 1

            here are a few...





            AFTER (diagnal streaks)




            AFTER (left to right streaks)




            AFTER (circle streaks)



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              ibarrien Adobe Employee

              Ok, which brush size did you use?


              Normally if you don't want any stripes you should make a selection of the place that you want to paint and then just take a larger brush size (max). That way you don't have to worry about every stroke being shown.


              It depends on what you want to accomplish. In your case I would just add a fade or gradient, it would give you kind of the same effect.




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                yamaha83 Level 1

                using a selection and painting with a giant brush kind of defeats the pupose on painting with an effect. In my case im wanting to darken down the entire sky and just showing the triangle as an example to show the streakng. i dont want to have to make a selection and paint witha giant brush, i would like to paint with the effect like the tool implies i should be able to do. and im confused by what you mean by "Normally if you dont want stripes" becuase i have never had an issue with stripes when painting before... unless i missed a spot... which you can ealiy see is not the case in this instance.

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                  I am having a similar issue with the paintbrush tool. I'm using the dropper to select a color from a uniform solid-color area and painting over it to touch up edges. The brush leaves streaks all over the place when it should be matching the color I chose evenly. Making adjustments to flow, opacity, and hardness make no improvements. (I have everything set to Max anyways)Screenshot_2015-05-01-23-53-04.png