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    FAQ: How do I add (upload) files to Revel?

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      From a browser

      1. Using your web browser, go to https://www.adoberevel.com/signin and sign in to your account with your Adobe ID, Facebook or Google account.
      2. To add photos to your Revel account, just click "Add Photos" to upload or drag and drop the files from your computer.
        Tip: If you have many photos, then you may want to create some albums to help organize your images.
      3. To add your images to an Album, click on "Select Photos", and then select your images
      4. Click "Add to Album", and choose the album that you want to add your images to.


      From an iPhone or iPad

      From Library view:

      1. Tap ADD, then ALBUMS.
      2. Select CAMERA ROLL, select photos and videos to upload and then tap ADD TO LIBRARY.


      From Album View:

      1. Tap on the arrow icon inside the rectangle in the top right corner of your screen.
      2. Select ADD TO THIS ALBUM. Select photos from the library, or tap on CAMERA ROLL, select the camera roll, tap on the items you want to add,
      3. Tap ADD TO ALBUM


      From Elements 12


      Elements 12 now has mobile albums which sync with revel.  If you check the option to make all your Elements photos and videos available in Mobile Albums, then Elements will move everything over to Mobile Albums, and upload it all to your Revel Library.You can drag any album in the elements organizer into mobile albums to sync it with Revel. Be careful with mobile albums because if you delete an image in either Elements or Revel, it will be deleted in all the apps.

      For more information, see: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-photoshop-elements-12/setting-up-your-mobile-albums/.


      From an Android device


      For users with Android™ devices you can download Revel Importer. Revel Importer is not a full version of Revel but it does give you a way to import the photos on your Android phone into your Revel photo library. Easily bring your Android phone photos into your Adobe® Revel photo library!



      From iPhoto

      1. Open Revel on your Mac and click on the + button
      2. In the Import Photos dialog box, click photos in the media area of the list on the left.
      3. Choose iPhoto and select the desired photos to import
      4. Click Import to Library


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