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    Crackles in audio export when clips are rate-stretched - sounds fine when played in PP CS6 timeline

    Creatively Bankrupt Level 1

      I have an audio commentary that was recorded from a 29.97 DVD and I was forced to rate stretch the audio files to 100.04% to maintain perfect sync with my 23.98 HD video timeline.


      Upon exporting to wav, aiff etc, crackles are introduced into the files and they are unusable. This same issues happens no matter what I do - render and replace the audio in Premiere, open the audio from Premiere to Adobe Audition, exporting all audio tracks at once or doing them individually.


      I've read on these forums that people can work around this by rate stretching the audio in Audition, then bringing those exported audio files into Premiere, but that's weak. I've never had to do that before and I've rate-stetched all types of audio files countless times using Premiere in the past. I've done so many tweaks and volume adjustments to my audio commentary tracks in Premiere that using Audition to rate-stretch means starting everything over.


      Has anyone found an in-Premiere solution to this known issue? Thanks for any ideas!


      Specs: all the original files are .WAV 48KHz, 24bit mono and the timeline/export settings match that.