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    Keyframe sharing axis value? How do I stop it?

    TopGun904 Level 1

      AE CS6     I was making a test comp for a project I'm working on; I added rotation animation to a 3D text layer. First I added an X rotation keyframe back and forth to make the text sort of flip down. AFTER that, I then made the text turn 90 degrees on its Z axis, turning it sideways; added a keyframe to that. But when I play the full animation over, the text is already on its 90-degree Z axis. Help?



      You can see the Z axis keyframe after the X, but it keeps its value throughout the animation. My brain is just going blank about what is happening. Could be something very obvious I'm just missing.



      P.S. Also I cannot use the hand tool to move the anchor? It has worked before.