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    Delete "based on" in all paragraphstyles


      Does anybody know how to Delete "based on" in all paragraphstyles without losing the specificaties of The text?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why would you want to do that? The "based on" attribute is usually very useful.

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            Joel Cherney Level 5

            It's often useful - but sometimes it's a massive timesink. Depends on what you're doing.


            What are the "specificaties" of the text? It's really easy to break all links to all styles, and then disassemble the styles, but I suspect that you need each style's appearance to remain, and that you would need to keep the styles applied to the text, but you need to remove the inheritance of style features. Maybe for an InDesign -> Word -> InDesign roundtrip workflow? I'd simply go to the end of the style tree (the last style in the based on -> based on chain) and pull the menu down and set it to [No Paragraph Style]. Then up to the previous link in the chain. In other words, I'd do it manually.


            But if you don't know where the chain ends, you won't know where to start. I once asked for a tool that would display which styles were based on styles, and I got exactly what I asked for. Depending on what you're doing, Harbs' Autoflow Pro might make other parts of your task easier.

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              Myzet Level 1

              @Steve: Because i get a message when i want to create an aleternative layout which says:




              The script Show Paragraphs based on did the trick but wasn't the solution to the problem...

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                Myzet Level 1

                @Joel, thanks fotr the tip but unfortunatey it wasnt. enough...


                while creating an alternative layout i get the message: Cannot create a mapped style when one of the source styles is based on another source style.


                thats why i cleaned up all the based on styles.


                I found another link which told me to cleanup nested styles. so i used the script: ApplyNestedStyles.


                Still it didn't work.



                I edited all the exportlabels of the paragraph and charcterstyles. Still no result but still the sam message...



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                  Joel Cherney Level 5

                  I'm not sure I understand your question. I think that you successfully managed to remove style inheritance, right? If you're using Alternate Layouts then you want to remove nested styles, and I don't think that's what Harbs' ApplyNestedStyles script does. The description of that script over at indesignsecrets.com says that it both manually applies character styles where the paragraph style applies a charstyle with Nested Styles, and it leaves the nested style applied in the paragraph style. If you're doing this work to try to get the "Cannot create a mapped style..." error message to go away, then I think you need to actually remove the nested styles from your paragraph styles. That's what I'm guessing from this thread, anyways.


                  Do any of your paragraph styles currently have nested styles in them?

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                    Myzet Level 1


                    Thank you Joel for your effort.


                    There are no nested styles in my document.